October 5, 2014



  1. “I’m J-A-N-E (photographer) and I have C.O.P.D.
  2. “I’m D-A-V-E (pottery spinner) and I have C.O.P.D.
  3. “I’m K-A-T-E (volunteer) and I have C.O.P.D.
  4. K-A-T-E doesn’t want her breathing problems to get in the way of her work and that’s why she asked her doctor about B-R-E-O.
  5. ...I don’t know what B-R-E-O stands for but they say it’s made up of “fluticasone furate 100 mcg and vilanterol 25 mcg.
  6. In other words, it’s an inhalation powder with a nickname.
  7. ....My name is R-O-C-C-I so I guess I can’t take it. My name has more than four letters. What am I to do?
  8. Just keep gasping for breath, buddy.
  9. DIDN’T KNOW. That the hostages being held by ISIS have Beatle names for the terrorists because of their British accents. According to the New York Post, the one who killed British hostage Alan Henning was Beatle John and he has appeared in previous heinous beheadings.
  10. ...Disgusted Beatles drummer Ringo Starr said, “It’s bull_ _ _ _. What they are doing out there is against everything the Beatles stood for [peace and not violence].”
  11. ...John’s also known as “Jihadi John.”
  12. EGADS! Face the Nation moderator Bob Schieffer had on very visible purple (nylon?) socks during an interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu somewhere outside the studio on Sunday.
  13. ...Thankfully, for the rest of the program, he was seated at his normal position at the desk, which doesn’t show people’s feet.
  14. Meet the Press has gone overboard (“Love Overboard”Gladys Knight & The Pips, 1987, on Columbia Records) with its new set, which recently appointed moderator Chuck Todd went wild over.
  15. ...He does a lot of walking in the political man cave.
  16. ...He sits at the center of a long, thick plexiglass desk with pundits to the left of him and pundits to the right of him.
  17. ...He walks over to the featured guest(s) area who are at the “coffee bar,” as it was called by the new Sunday morning host, to interview them
  18. ...There Todd ‘one-on-ones’ with one of the featured guests while the pundit panel sits on camera in the back ground to watch and listen, like they’re overhearing something.
  19. ...Todd said the set has “a clean look and is more my style.”
  20. ...After one of the interviews was finished over at the Starbuck’s lounge, Todd took a stroll over to a big chart/map board to give facts and figures about the upcoming elections. That’s one of his areas of expertise.
  21. ...The studio looks mammoth but, admittedly, does have a nice look to it.
  22. ...There are lots of things hanging on the walls (commemorative items?) and it seems an improvement from the previous “gentlemen’s library” look of the show when David Gregory was in the catbird seat.
  23. ...(Was that a boar’s head I saw? Ha Ha Ha).
  24. ...Full of shtick.
  25. ...WOULD BE FUN If, when the show’s over, all of the participants came out, joined hands and played ’Ring Around the Rosie’ together.
  26. ...There’s so many on the set they could make up a football team, for crissakes.
  27. GOOD MOVIE: “Jimi: All Is By My Side” (don’t know what the sub-title means), a bio about renowned rock guitarist (electric) Jimi Hendrix that covers a year in his life (1966-1967) from his beginnings in New York to his early fame in London up to his Monterey Pop “triumph” (courtesy, ‘Rotten Tomatoes’).
  28. ...Hendrix is played by hip-hop band member Andre Benjamin of OutKast (“Hey Ya!”– 2003, on LaFace Records).
  29. ...Benjamin looks incredibly like Hendrix and is very believable in the role.
  30. ...The film really explores the thinking and philosophy of the future rock “god.”
  31. ...There is no actual Jimi Hendrix music in the movie because the family didn’t approve of its use but that – for me – didn’t make that much of a difference.
  32. ...The music he plays is representative of the time and songs of the day are recognizable.
  33. ...Director John Ridley (“12 Years a Slave”) really captures the days and ways and fashion and music of a swinging London in the 60s.
  34. ...Other famous rock ’n’ roll people depicted in the film (briefly) are Eric Clapton, the Beatles, their manager Brian Epstein, Rolling Stones manager and producer Andrew Loog Oldham, Eric Burden and the Animals and more.
  35. ...And there are groupies who play prominent rolls, go after him and are attracted by his aura.
  36. TWERKING AND BOOTY CALLING? I’m over it all.
  37. ...Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, J.Lo, Iggy Azalea, Shakira, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and all the rest.
  38. ...Contorting and thrusting their bodies like modern day strippers, only worse.
  39. ...Keep it in the bedroom.
  40. ...And don’t make a sex tape of it.
  41. ...And, by the way and on another note, thong wearer Jennifer Lopez has a “book” coming out in November which, according to its publisher, is “an honest and revealing personal diary with hard-won lessons and heartfelt recollections.”
  42. ...Can’t she ever STOP being in the public eye?
  43. UH...“Eyes Without a Face”Billy Idol, 1984 on Chrysalis Records.



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