April 4, 2004


  1. . . . Roseanne Barr, that is. She stopped using the one name moniker because when she traveled it got too complicated. At a Paris hotel they told her she needed a first and a last name to register. They didn't know who she was. She said in America she was a big star and everybody knew who she was. Not there. So because of that and similar hassles in other places, she decided to go back to using her first and last name, like normal people.
  2. . . . Do Cher, Sting and Madonna have this problem?
  3. They say that Roseanne Barr is very good as the voice of Maggie the Cow in Disney's Home on the Range movie. She's bossy.
  4. Let it be said that probably the most well known hit that singing duo Jan & Dean had was Surf City. It reached #1 in 1963 and was co-written with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. (Jan died March 26 of a seizure. He's the one who was injured in a car crash in 1966.) Practically every news report I heard and article I read didn't mention this record. They had many other hits including The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena) , Honolulu Lulu, Sidewalk Surfin', Dead Man's Curve, Drag City and Ride the Wild Surf.
  5. . . . I guess I'm old enough to remember.
  6. I like those Here Comes Peter Cottontail multiplying, singing bunnies in the Toys R Us commercial. They sound cute. (Sorry the R in Toys R Us isn't backward like their logo. I don't know how to do it on a computer.)
  7. HELLBOY. Ron Perlman brings the comic book character to life in a sci-fi flick full of special effects and a love plot like Beauty and the Beast. He's in love with Liz Sherman, a pyro-kinetic (firestarter-type) played by Selma Blair. He's out to keep the world safe from paranormal forces and knows how to kick a_ _.
  8. In a station promo, NBC4's Joe Krebs said anchorman Jim Vance's gave him some advice by saying that TV viewers invite people into their home. In other words, I guess, stay humble. Krebs said he would never forget that.
  9. Someone said the C in CSI stands for cleavage. (This from Washington Post writer Lisa de Moraes' online discussion program, On TV.) I'd say that's about right.
  10. Janet Jackson's perfectly round you-know-whats look like fat plates pressed up against her chest. Can that be comfortable?
  11. . . . She's totally narcissistic and is as much of an air head as her brother who was in Washington last week, walking through the halls of congressional office buildings in a red sequined blouse.
  12. . . . AND I WONDER ... If her new album title, Damita Jo... which is her middle name...came from actual 50s/60s singer-comedian Damita Jo (DuBlanc) who recorded some answer songs, including I'll Save the Last Dance for You (1960) in answer to The Drifters' Save the Last Dance for Me. She also was a regular on Redd Foxx's TV show. Maybe Janet's mother Katherine was a fan. You don't hear that name much these days.
  13. Air America Radio started last week. Lousy logo. Need to rework it.
  14. The Rock's got a goatee thing going on. He's an actor now. Shave it.
  15. A HOOTERS' GIRL'S FRIEND. Gloria Allred. She's everywhere again. Now she's defending girls who claim they were videotaped while trying on workwear uniforms for the restaurant-bar chain.
  16. . . . The people doing the videotaping were probably gonna get those tapes to the folks who do those Girls Gone Wild videos.
  17. I've had it with balsamic vinegar. It's everywhere and they offer it on everything. Go back to just oil and regular vinegar, for crissakes.
  18. Mr. Rooter is not Roto-Rooter. Remember Roto's jingle? "Call Roto-Rooter, that's the name, and away go troubles down the drain."
  19. Entertainment Weekly calls actor-model Michael Bergin's book, The Other Man: A Love Story: John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette & Me, a "real air sandwich."
  20. Tori Spelling looks different these days...like her face has been remodeled.
  21. What is the difference between an HMO and a PPO?
  22. JEALOUSY? Actor Omar Epps criticized Sean Combs (P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Puffy), who plays the role made famous by Sidney Poitier in A Raisin in the Sun, by telling The New York Daily News he was too inexperienced for the meaty part of Walter Lee Younger.
  23. GOOD SUMMER TOUR. Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire. Thirty-three cities, starting June 11. They'll play together at the start and finish of each show and then separate sets, reports USA Today.
  24. Does designer Tom Ford, who's leaving Gucci, ever appear without his shirts unbuttoned? Yes, we know you've got a hairy chest.
  25. Does Tom Hanks ever appear without wife Rita Wilson by his side?
  26. So has The Passion of the Christ stirred up anti-Semitic violence?
  27. In her latest book, The Sexy Years, Suzanne Somers explains how "natural bioidentical hormone therapy can help you lose weight, reinvigorate your sex life and fight aging." Bioidentical hormone therapy? What the hell's that?
  28. Would somebody shut Sen. Joe Biden up? He's on TV too much. Always on a Sunday talk show Always spouting his I told you so blather.
  29. Just to let you know, Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, is a Yellow Jackets (Georgia Tech) fan.
  30. The panel on Fox News Sunday was talking about the 9/11 commission and the testimony of Richard Clarke and the upcoming testimony of Condoleezza Rice and Juan Williams said that Bush and Cheney were like Pinocchio and Geppetto.
  31. Robin Roberts of ABC's Good Morning America said, "Rabbit, rabbit," at the end of her news segment on April. It wasn't some kind of April Fools joke though. She says that on the first of every month. It's a childhood thing she's always done.
  32. METRO CAN'T HANDLE IT. The passengers. Not running enough trains. At 10:30 on a week night...Thursday, to be precise...I and probably 100 others waited at Metro Center for 15 minutes for a train heading in the direction of Shady Grove. The platform was jam-packed. A four-car train comes and it's like rush hour. It's always like rush hour. They oughta do something about that.
  33. Darlene Rodriguez read the news on Saturday's Today show. She's got that Natalie Morales look. Where'd she come from?
  34. ABC7 news anchor Eliott Francis' wife, Arnetia Walker Francis, co-stars on new ABC Friday night comedy, The Big House. This info courtesy of The Washington Post.
  35. The first of three segments Rolling Stone mag is running this year to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Rock begins in the April 15 issue with The Immortals, the most important performers in rock n roll history. The articles are good but what stands out at first glance are the "illustrations" of the artists. They're terrific.
  36. . . . Mr. Highfalutin says all Rolling Stone ever does is come out with lists.
  37. It's good to hear Eddie Kendricks again. That's him singing Keep on Truckin' (1973) on that GMC commercial for a Truckfest sale. He was the high voice in the original Temptations and later had a successful solo career. Truckin' was a Pt. 1, Pt. 2 record and reached #1 Pop and was big in the disco clubs at the time.
  38. CURIOUS. NBC News credited courtroom sketches of the Tyco trial to The Shepard Sisters . Usually it's one person who does that, never a combo. Just wondering who does what.
  39. ALWAYS WONDERED ABOUT THIS. What did 25 Or 6 to 4 mean in Chicago's 1970 hit? Google says the song's a description of an acid trip. The title line actually come from "25 or 624," referring to two types of LSD found at the time, based on their chemical composition: LSD-25 and LSD-624. Very interesting. ("Sitting cross-legged on the floor ..."
  40. UH . . . Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...The Beatles on Apple. 1967. That was LSD-ish too, wasn't it?



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