April 18, 2005


  1. . . . That's what's going on. Beautiful weather and things are poppin' out all over. Call in sick.
  2. ABC's This Week Sunday featured "our classic roundtable, George Will, Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson," said host George Stephanopoulos. Good to see Cokie and Sam back.
  3. The National Enquirer has a newly designed typeface logo. And they say it's "BIGGER, BOLDER, BETTER." On the cover of the first new one last week was a closeup of Michael Douglas's face with the storyline, Plastic Surgery Disaster. It didn't look too good.
  4. . . . I wondered how he always looks the same throughout the years. Doesn't seem to age like his father does.
  5. At Prince Rainier's funeral procession last Friday in Monaco his shaggy dog Odin followed his coffin. It was touching.
  6. . . . Both the daughters, Pincesses Stephanie and Caroline, got the looks in that family. They ran when it came to the brother, Prince Albert.
  7. GOOD PUTDOWN. Ryan Seacrest told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show that American Idol judge Simon Cowell wears Baby Gap t-shirts and that he has them in all different colors. (They do fit tight.)
  8. Last week The New York Times ran an article about men's suits making a comeback. A seersucker suit was sold separately at Bergdorf Goodman: $795 for the jacket and $225 for the "trousers." Who sells a suit separately?
  9. GET REAL . . . And a wool pinstriped suit sold for $2,295 at Barneys. Another pinstripe for $2,995 and just a plain wool suit went for $2,395, both at Bergdorf. Well who's buying those? What man in his right mind would spend that much for a stupid suit?
  11. In explaining to Diane Sawyer how her twins were doing, Julia Roberts said, "They're eating and drinking and pooping." How nice and well-spoken.
  12. If I were those guys, I'd tell Michael Jackson to hold his own umbrella every day for the walk into the courtroom. You need it, you carry it.
  13. HOT HEAD. Sen. Joseph Biden exhibited his personality trait once again last week, this time in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee while hearing testimony from President Bush's nominee, John R. Bolton, to be U.S. ambassador to the U.N. He raised his voice, his mouth wide open, and performed emphatic hand gestures for the cameras. "This is a big deal, guys and ladies," he said. "I believe that this appointment is damaging to our national interests."
  14. . . . "Guys and ladies"? Whatever happened to ladies and gentlemen?
  15. WUSA TV9 in Washington, D.C. has been touting for weeks that HDTV was coming to their news programs. It came and went. It was on just a few times and then last Thursday anchors Tracey Neale and Todd McDermott announced that it had to be taken down for 10 days. That's not a good sign.
  16. . . . Neale and McDermott are the ones who say things like, "We'll get you back to CSI: New York in a bit but first ..." and proceed to pitch what they have for their upcoming 11 o'clock news show. Get me back in a bit? How long are you gonna be on? I wanna see the end of the episode I'm watching, for crissakes. I don't care about the news til 11.
  17. I forget, what does DNA stand for?
  18. The Ask Jeeves Internet search engine folks are, I guess, giving the Google folks a run for their money. Jeeves is doing a TV ad campaign and it's pretty good. "Ask Jeeves," they say, "And get what you're looking for."
  19. LOCUSTS ... are "Invading Sunday," April 24, say the CBS promos. I'll be there.
  20. That guy who plays detective Danny Messer (Carmine Giovanazzo) who often works with Soledad O'Brien lookalike Vanessa Ferlito (plays Aiden Burn) on CSI: NY always looks like he smelled something bad.
  21. When Newsweek's Nicki Gostin asked actor Matthew McConaughey (Sahara) for the magazine's Q&A section, "So when's the wedding," referring to his relationship with Penelope Cruz, his response was, "Now, you're with Newsweek asking me about that bull_ _ _ t?! " Amen. Once upon a time the news weeklies were straight news. Now they've gotta be a little something for everybody. Go back to the old way. Be one or the other.
  22. What was with George and Laura Bush kissing at the pope's funeral? It seemed a bit inappropriate to me. Somber people all around them and they're making out.
  23. . . . Laura Bush did look pretty hot, with that black lace mantilla-like scarf on her head and those designer sunglasses. She looked like a movie star or something.
  24. . . . Mr. Big Stuff said all she needed was a pair of castanets. Ha Ha Ha.
  25. BRIAN WILLIAMS. Muzzle him.
  26. Looks like CNN's letting weatherman Rob Marciano do the news a bit. He was a co-anchor a couple Sunday mornings ago. Did okay.
  27. "Today's weather is delivered by UPS." That's what the announcer says sometimes at the top of Al Roker's forecast. Clever. Well, maybe not so clever.
  28. BEAUTY SHOP. Queen Latifah's movie answer to the Barbershop flicks. It's got a good cast and those women chew up some scenery. Funny but a little flat in parts. Story is predictable with happy ending. The characters are very stereotypical though, especially Kevin Bacon as a gay hairdresser with an accent. Latifah is great.
  29. ONE INTERNET. "There's only one and that's why it's capitalized," said washingtonpost.com technology reporter David McGuire. But there is a thing called Internet2, which is part of it. A super-fast network connecting universities for researching the next generation of the Internet, is how the Associated Press described it. I2 came up last week concerning a story about the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) reportedly suing college students accused of illegally distributing music and movies on it. They got accesss. Whew. I was hoping there was only one. I can barely deal with that.
  30. Does the pope get a paycheck? Does he have an American Express card?
  31. NEEDS NEW WARDROBE. Ron Reagan does. On his MSNBC show, Connected: Coast to Coast he wears a mock turtleneck and a dark blazer every day. Spice it up. Put some color in it. Your dad would.
  32. British Prime Minister Tony Blair knows how to take a picture with a cell phone. He did so while visiting a sailing academy in Dorset, England a couple weeks ago while he was standing among some uniformed students and children behind him. He looked good. He's high tech. Can President Bush do that?
  33. That little podium that Bob Schieffer stands at sometimes to deliver the CBS Evening News looks chintzy.
  34. By the way, that Matthew McConaughey movie Sahara is directed by Breck Eisner, Michael Eisner's (Disney chairman) son.
  35. SIN CITY. Pretty wild. High contrasty black and white film full of tough talk, violence, criminals and victims - just like the cult comic book stories it's based on (Frank Miller's). Mickey Rourke is terrific as Marv who looks big and hulky with a jutted chin and resembles Frankenstein. The director's credit on the movie for Robert Rodriguez says Shot and Cut by ... Good and blunt. Actually Miller and Rodriguez both directed and Quentin Tarantino directed one scene too.
  36. UH . . . (It's No) Sin - The Duprees on Coed. 1963. Album cut from Have You Heard. They're the You Belong To Me guys.



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