April 29, 2013



  1. President Obama said at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner over the weekend that for his second term he wanted a little burst of energy and a bit of change for his next four years.
  2. . . . So he “grew” bangs to look like wife Michelle did when she needed some change.
  3. . . . Pictures of the chief executive were Photoshopped and bangs were put on his head that they showed on big TV screens in the room (Washington Hilton Hotel).
  4. . . . He got laughs.  It was silly and funny.
  5. . . . So someone tell Ricky Martin (“She Bangs” – 2000, on Columbia Records) to change the song to fit the gender of the man in charge.  Thank you.
  6. . . . Seen in the audience was actor Michael Douglas (Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street” and Liberace in HBO’s biopic “Behind the Candelabra”) who was now blond instead of his signature gray.
  7. . . . He looked good and yes, he did look younger. They say blond hair does that for you.
  8. . . . Maybe I should get my hair color out of a bottle. (Something to think about, although I’m probably too much of an old buzzard to make a change like that; it takes courage.)
  9. . . . Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family”) was there – of course – and taped a quick little shtick for George Stephanopoulos’s Sunday morning talk show.
  10. . . . In the show, instead of him leading into a commercial break he had her do it:
  11. . . .George is back with ‘This Week’ after this,” she said.
  12. . . . She’s very photogenic and I guess they figured having her do a little fun thing like that would spice up the program.
  13. . . . Where did news credibility go?
  14. FUN FACTS.  Jenna Bush calls her grandmother, Barbara Bush, “Ganny” instead of granny.
  15. . . . And she calls her grandfather George H.W. Bush, “Gampy” instead of grandpa. I guess she doesn’t believe in “r’s.”
  16. A fellow observer of the news noticed that during the early days of CNN’s coverage of the Boston bombings the tireless Wolf Blitzer, who was in Boston, kept saying “here in The Situation Room” while he was standing out on the street and not in the Washington studio.
  17. . . . What, does The Situation Room travel?  Did they pack it all up and move it to Beantown for breaking news?
  18. . . . A friend of mine said it was “kind of like playing house or something” in a remote location.
  19. . . . By the way, they’re bringing James Earl Jones back to say, “This is CNN.”
  20. . . . And they’re dragging out certain members of the CNN news family to make their own personal station identifications:  Kate Bolduan, Jessica Yellin, new kid on the block Jake Tapper and selected others.
  21. . . . For example, the line goes – and each say -- :  I’m Jessica Yellin  or Kate Balduan or whoever and this is CNN.”
  22. . . . But Tapper only says, “I’m Jake TapperThis is CNN.”
  23. . . . He tossed the script and took out the “and.”
  24. . . . He doesn’t go a long with the crowd; likes to put his own personal stamp on things; expresses his individual tastes.
  25.  . . . Reese Witherspoon, got into a little bit of trouble when her husband (Jim Toth) was arrested for drunk driving last week in Georgia while she was riding with him.
  26. . . . She was arrested also -- but for disorderly conduct.
  27. . . . She reportedly questioned whether the cop was really a police officer.
  28. . . . She got mouthy and posed this question to the officer:  “Do you know my name?”
  29. . . . She then warned him:  “You’re about to find out who I am.”  This all according to the state trooper’s report.
  30. . . . But it wasn’t so obvious.
  31. . . . Miss Whippersnapper, er . . .  Witherspoon, is the blond who starred in “Legally Blonde,” right?
  32. . . . This woman wasn’t blonde.  Guess she hadn’t been to the hairdresser lately, or maybe she was prepping for a new role.
  33. . . . She was a brunette, unrecognizable.
  34. . . . Witherspoon’s known to be a blond.
  35. . . . So it’s no wonder he didn’t know who she was.
  36. . . . ADVICE:  Next time look like who you are.
  37. ABC anchorman/captain David Muir welcomed former CBS News anchor/correspondent Rebecca Jarvis to the network one night last week when he was subbing for Diane Sawyer on “World News.”
  38. . . . She’ll be ABC’s chief business and economics correspondent – pretty much doing the same as what she did at CBS.  Most recently she co-anchored “CBS This Morning Saturday” with Anthony Mason.
  39. . . . “We’re so glad you’re on the team,” a beaming Muir said to Jarvis.
  40. . . . Who died and made him president?
  41. . . . Saying things like that is the job of the president (of ABC, Ben Sherwood).  He said as much back in April when he announced her addition to the staff of  “the strongest team in journalism.” 
  42. . . . We don’t need anchormen who also think they’re presidents of news divisions.  Leave it to the big guys and stick to reading the news.
  43. Country singer Miranda Lambert, wife of country singer and “The Voice” judge Blake Shelton, won three awards at the ACM (Academy of Country Music) Awards.
  44. . . . She had her picture taken on the red carpet, holding up all three of them near her waist and chest.
  45. . . . The National Enquirer took the opportunity of captioning the picture for it’s “Dressed to Thrill” pictorial “essay” by writing that they were “dragging down the top of her little black dress!”
  46. . . . (The low-cut-ishness of the dress seemed to have become lower by the weight of the trophies.)
  47. . . . “Or maybe that’s the way Blake likes it,” continued the caption.
  48. . . . What’s that supposed to mean?   That he likes it when his wife exposes herself?
  49. . . . They oughta take umbrage.   Enough with these rag tabloids.
  50. NBC’s David Gregory and Matt Lauer looked like Mutt (tall) and Jeff (short) standing among the columns last week at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.
  51. . . . Incidentally, Matt is seen driving a tractor at Martha Stewart’s house for an upcoming feature for the “Today” show.
  52. A friend of mine explained what MSNBC is:  “People endlessly talking without imparting any information.”
  53.  . . . Very true.
  54. MOVIE:  “42.”  Pretty good movie about Jackie Robinson, the baseball player who encountered much discrimination while he was coming up in the leagues.  His jersey had the number “42on it.
  55. . . . Takes place in 1946/’47.
  56. . . . Racism is broadly and sometimes relentlessly depicted; it’s often hard to watch and listen to.
  57. . . . The actor (Chadwick Boseman) that plays Robinson is very good in a low-key way.
  58. . . . Nicole Beharie plays his wife Rachel.  (In real life, still alive.)
  59. . . . Christopher Meloni of “Law & Order” plays manager Leo Durocher who gets in trouble by having an affair with a celebrity and consequently gets suspended.   He’s good.
  60. . . . Harrison Ford, trying a little too hard to depict a money-minded, old-fashioned, disagreeable but morally sensitive team executive, plays Branch Rickey who signs the ballplayer first to the Brooklyn Dodgers farm team in Montreal and then to the big league Dodgers, making him the first African-American to “break the baseball color barrier.”  He has to help Robinson control his temper along the way.
  61. . . . Robinson’s home run helps the team win the National League pennant and go on to the World Series.  (This is not depicted in the film.)
  62. . . . The movie is filled with nice little scenes that are poignant and personal.  So it’s not all hyped up and loud.  Well done by director and writer Brian Helgeland.
  63. . . . All put together it’s a good movie.   Inspiring, meaningful.
  64. A reviewer for The New York Times said this:  “The terrific ‘density’ of New York City Ballet’s repertory is without parallel anywhere in the world.”
  65. . . . What kind of loftiness is that?
  66. . . . Come down to earth and just tell us in plain English how they dance.
  67. Michael Buble’s new album is called “To Be Loved,” which happens to be the name of Motown founder Berry Gordy’s autobiography (1994, Warner Books) and a hit song Gordy wrote for Jackie Wilson (1958, Brunswick Records).
  68. . . . Buble does some Motown hits in his own style, his usual Frank Sinatra stuff, a Bee Gees tune and some originals.
  69. . . . On one of the cuts, “I Got It Easy,” the lyrics go like this:  “I’m warm in bed, got a beautiful woman beneath me . . . ”
  70. . . . What, does he sleep on top of his gal or just like the missionary position?
  71. . . . UH . . .Somebody’s Been Sleeping (In My Bed)” – 100 Proof (Aged in Soul), 1970 on Hot Wax Records, started by former Motown writing/production team, Holland-Dozier-Holland, after they left the label.
  72. . . .Fee Fi Fo Fum … I can feel the presence of someone . . .”



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