August 23, 2004


  1. . . . Even after I consciously put something in a particular place because by putting it there I know I won't forget where I put it. But I do forget where I put it.
  2. Lenny Kravitz has another new hairstyle. Cropped short. He did away with the James Brown look which seemed really forced. New one looks better.
  3. Some people shorten the word sushi to sush. "Let's go out for some sush." Is that like fast food?
  4. PICTURE TOO DARK. A friend of mine took her 13-year-old son to see Alien vs. Predator (AVP) . He liked it a lot but she said the scenes were so dark she couldn't make out what was going on. The previews looked that way to me too.
  5. WE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE. The new movie about couple trouble starring Mark Ruffalo and Laura Dern and Peter Krause and Naomi Watts. The title is reminiscent of ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE. Remember that one with Ellen Burstyn from 1974? INTERESTING TIDBIT: A young Laura Dern is seen in the latter movie sitting at a counter eating ice cream.
  6. . . . We Don't Live Here seems like a heavy movie.
  7. I want to go see Exorcist: The Beginning no matter how bad the reviews are. It opened #1 this weekend. Good. Let the critics take that and -
  8. GOOD IDEA. Pat Lawson Muse of NBC4 in Washington does a feature called Olympic Program Guide to explain what's up for the day on the many networks of NBC: NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo, USA Networks, Telmundo. That's a good thing. It is confusing. Oh, and don't forget NBC's HDTV affiliates. And what's going on with the TV Guide Channel? They seem to be getting free publicity during the Olympics. Their logo shows up in the bottom left of the screen. Does NBC own a part of them too?
  9. . . . We have so many choices in life.
  10. . . . Yeah, too many.
  11. Tom Cruise comes off as a machine in his Rolling Stone interview. (Sept. 2 issue) He's focused and nothing can stop him is basically the point. Pictures in the article seem very posed and Tom's got his shirt opened up to reveal his six-pack.
  12. "GET BACK TO MISCHIEF" That's Viagra's new message in its TV commercials and other advertising and it features the ends of the blue V in the Viagra logo rising up behind men's heads like a pair of devil's horns. Yeah, we get it.
  13. The Republicans don't have a very star-studded lineup for their convention, which begins Aug. 30 in New York. Christian singer Michael W. Smith, actor Ron Silver, singer-songwriter Dana Glover (Danny Glover?), Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Survivor), singer-surfer Daize Shayne and that policeman turned singer Daniel Rodriguez. ZZZZZZZZZ.
  14. Somebody said Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary looks like Jabba the Hutt now.
  15. John Heinz IV, the eldest stepson of John Kerry, stays out of the limelight. He's a Buddhist educator and medieval armor craftsman and when contacted by Washington Post reporter Linton Weeks, Heinz called back and left a message saying, "I'm not interested in doing any interviews. So ... sorry to waste your time. But don't bother. Thank you." And thank you, Mr. Heinz, for not joining the rest of the pack by becoming another talking head.
  16. Is that a real cat's paw flushing the toilet in those Arm & Hammer kitty litter commercials?
  17. PORCUPINES ARE VEGETARIAN RODENTS. I learned that from Marc Morrone on his Petkeeping show. He's the one with all those pets running around on the table at the same time and a parrot or some other bird perched on his shoulder. There's a lot going on but it's fun.
  18. Olympic gold medalist Paul Hamm's voice sounds Munchkin-ish.
  19. WILL I STILL HAVE TO WAIT IN THE CHECKOUT LINE? Costco (formerly Price Club) is now selling caskets and they've got a deal with some undertakers so that you can get discount services from the funeral home. It's all tied together. Such a deal. Will each casket have its own bar code?
  20. The Today show's Katie Couric is wearing colorful, summery clothes over in Athens for the Olympics.
  21. THEY ALL WORE WHITE. Showing solidarity? Some of Michael Jackson's siblings-- Janet, LaToya (who wants to be known as Toy now), Jermaine and Randy--were decked out similarly when they accompanied brother Michael to a courthouse one day last week. Maybe they're forming a new group. Or maybe they're members of the Raelians, that group that clones babies. They dressed all in white too.
  22. I'm sick of hearing about Google and I'm sick of seeing article after article about its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  23. The National Enquirer did another cover story on Stars With Cellulite and they show proof on such celebrities as Britney Spears, Lara Flynn Boyle (even her!), Tori Spelling, Sandra Bullock and others. They're mean. Cellulite is that cottage cheesy-look that many women get in their legs, thighs and buttocks, according to a report that ABC's Jami Floyd did on 20/20 last week.
  24. . . . And that show did a story on treatments for cellulite, which don't work. The best way to hide it, said an expert, is to get a tan or have darker skin. Shows up less.
  25. Most people pronounce BADMINTON like BADMITTON - without the N in it. But that's wrong, according to the dictionary. So say it right.
  26. TV LANGUAGE. Some anchor person did an Olympics newsbrief-type thing and said this at the end of it: "Now back to NBC's Olympics coverage in Athens. In a moment." So, are we going back to it now or in a moment?
  27. Sometimes Matt Lauer doesn't wear socks on the Today show from Athens. It's hot over there. Think he wears Odor-Eaters?
  28. Mr. Big Stuff asked if they made manila folders in the Philippines.
  29. "I hope it doesn't take more than a week. I've got shows to do." said Oprah Winfrey when she was picked for jury duty. Yeah, we've all got an excuse. Turned out the trial was over in three days. They found the defendant guilty.
  30. . . . So, of course, Oprah is going to do a show on it. Her job is her life. She's inviting fellow jurors who served with her and family members of the victim and the defendant.
  31. . . . And did the accused get a fair trial with a celebrity on the jury? These are things to be concerned about.
  32. WHAT? A co-worker of mine said she was so tired she had to talk on the phone to wake up.
  33. NY Exec doesn't like Bob Costas anchoring the Olympics. He says he has a "cool pretentiousness," acts totally unimpressed by anything and says his hair is obviously dyed.
  34. That red-footed falcon that was spotted in Martha's Vineyard last week was cute. It was a first-time ever sighting in North America and probably flew in from his summer home in Eastern Europe or his winter home in Africa.
  35. MEN HUG. George Bush and John McCain - when did they get so close? - and Michael Phelps and Ian Crocker.
  36. "It's only 73 days until the election," pointed out Ken Mehlman, Bush-Cheney campaign manager, on Meet the Press Sunday. But Judy Woodruff said today (Monday) on CNN that it was 71 days. So who's right? The way I calculate it, Mehlman was wrong. He should have said Sunday that it was 72 days - not 73. And Woodruff is right, It is 71 days from today. How minor a point is all this? You want me to go soak my head?
  37. "This is Today on NBC," says Michael Phelps while he's in the pool. The network's got promotion all over the place.
  38. I like those Fandango brown paper bag puppets that do the commercials at the movies. That's one commercial I don't mind them showing before the previews start. All the others - and the numbers are mounting - GET ‘EM OUT!
  39. ABC7's Good Morning Washington uses their new outside jumbotron just like ABC does on Good Morning America. Weatherman Brian van de Graaff is sometimes outside and looks up at the screen and talks to morning anchors Alison Starling and Doug McKelway just like Tony Perkins does with Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson in New York when he's outside on Times Square. But Channel 7's tron needs to be bigger. Looks dinky.
  40. Center, as in NBC's International Broadcast Centre, is spelled re instead of er. Is that because the Olympics are in Europe and not America? Centre seems snobby just like theatre.
  41. Wendy Rieger of News4 Washington is no longer blonde. Her hair's brownish-red now - at least on my TV. Looks better.
  42. I THINK. For the Olympic gymnasts, too much is judged on the landing. They can be near perfect on all the other moves they make on that pommel horse or whatever they're doing but if the dismount isn't right, then they've had it. It carries too much weight. Doesn't seem fair.
  43. Mr. Highfalutin says that you'd think all the Olympics was swimming. That's all he's seen and heard on NBC. He doesn't have cable. What about the other sports, he asks?
  44. WTOP radio's Mike Moss mentioned the other day that when you get into a cab in Boston, you are welcomed by the recorded voice of Julia Child. They do that in New York with celebrities too. Should they do it in D.C.? Who would do it? Politicians? Naw, then we'd have to deal with equal time provisions. Too complicated.
  45. Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, has to lose weight and go back on the special high-fiber food because she’s gotten a little plump. She needs to get her girlish figure back. That’s what owner Sally said.
  46. Evgeny Marchenko, gymnast Carly Patterson's coach, hugged her and held her up on his shoulder when she won the women’s all-around competition last week. He couldn’t take his hands off her. It was a bit much. Reminded me of a sexual predator daddy-type.
  47. UH . . . Put Your Head On My Shoulder - Paul Anka on ABC-Paramount. 1959.


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