August 25, 2006


  1. . . . The accused killer of JonBenet Ramsey did resemble the former SCTV and Saturday Night Live funny man when he was first brought out for the press in Thailand. With his pants pulled up practically to his chin and his Polo shirt tucked in, he was a dead ringer for the cow-licked hyperactive nerd from TV land.
  2. . . . And, JUST ASKING . . . was/is he wearing eye makeup? It looks like he's got eyeliner on. Those eyeballs really do punch out. So is it natural or do they have help from Max Factor?
  3. . . . And somebody said, in response to hearing about his refreshments in business class on the flight to the U.S., that suspect Karr had "champagne wishes and caviar dreams, " like Robin Leach used say on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. He was living high on the hog.
  4. DIDDY A DADDY (AGAIN). Hip-Hop mogul Sean Combs is having his second kid with girlfriend Kim Porter. So what?
  5. . . . I think his new name should be Diddly Squat.
  6. COMEBACK SONG. I Call It Love by Lionel Richie. It's getting played a lot and it's a hit from a man who hasn't had one in a while. He's adapted hip-hop to his style and sounds real current. Some would say it's mainstreamed hip-hop, smoother and not hard. But after all, it's a mid-tempo love song. He's hooked up with young producers and the thing works.
  7. . . . Video for the song stars his adopted daughter, Nicole Richie (looking thin) and the guy from CSI: Miami, Adam Rodriguez (plays Eric Delko).
  8. . . . Album, Coming Home, is due Sept. 12.
  9. President Bush met with New Orleans resident Rockey Vaccarella who drove up to Washington in a replica of a FEMA trailer to tell the chief executive "that the job's not done" long after Hurricane Katrina. Bush and everyday citizen Rockey talked on the South Lawn of the White House.
  10. . . . I bet Cindy Sheehan's jealous. Rockey got in, she didn't.
  11. JUST ASKING. Why are captured Fox News TV journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig barefoot? Is that Islamic? Where are their running shoes? That's how they're seen in a video that was released (along with a written statement by the Holy Jihad Brigades), sitting cross-legged on a thick cushioned mat with running suits on looking sporty. What's the temperature over there? Do they have cold feet?
  12. Is Joe Lieberman a Democrat, an Independent or a Republican? You decide, I can't keep up.
  13. IN POOR TASTE. An enhanced/Photoshopped color photo of Terry Schiavo is being used on a rectangular card by an art gallery in D.C. to promote its 15 Minutes: Celebrity and Consumerism exhibit. For crissakes, let the woman rest in peace.
  14. British soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria (Spice Girls) have come out with a new fragrance for men and women. Intimately Beckham for Him and Intimately Beckham for Her. Him brings "the confidence of masculinity" and Her conveys "the essence of Victoria known only to the people closest to her." Good God.
  15. . . . Can't you see some guy going into a department store and asking for Intimately Beckham for Him? Not gonna happen.
  16. Maria Menounos really shows her immaturity on the Today show. They drag her out to be another co-host in the 9:00 hour, even though Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales and Al Roker are there. Things are always coming out of her mouth, like mentioning that she doesn't have children but is the mother of a quadriplegic poodle that she carries around. Her fellow co-hosts seem to just endure the things she says. They smile politely and you know they're cringing.
  17. . . . That show's a cast of thousands. Plus, some days, usually on Fridays, they drag out the Hispanic co-host, Maria Celeste (from Telemundo, which is owned by NBC). She does a few segments too.
  18. I've been thinking about buying a notebook (laptop computer) but now I'm afraid the darn thing's gonna blow up in my face or on my lap. Dell brand and now Apple brands have been having trouble the batteries within. (Actually it's the Sony brand batteries that are defective and heat up and sometimes explode) So what should I do?
  19. Harry Smith of the CBS Early Show wore that lime and white (or cream) striped tie again this past Monday. He wore it one day last week too. He should have a wider selection in his wardrobe. After all, he's a network morning news show anchor.
  20. PIGGYBACKS ON TRAGEDY. That's what the press does. Hundreds of examples. (Credit for that phrase goes to my co-workers who peddle the junk just as much as the next guy.)
  21. There's a new Lassie movie out and I wanna see it. I'm a sucker for that dog. I grew up with Jeff and then Timmy way back when.
  22. Some man in the Wendy's near my work got irritable and raised his voice when he had to repeat to the cashier several times that he just wanted a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and not a combo. "Combo?" the cashier kept asking. And the man kept saying, "No, I just want the sandwich!" (When I heard the exchange it made me say out loud to myself, lurking nearby, "Can't you get that through your head? Listen to the man and give him what he wants!") This went on, back and forth for a minute or so as I stood by smirking and cackling, being strictly an observer.
  23. . . . Not everything's a combo in life.
  24. That CW logo is absolutely awful. So '70s leftover looking. Stands for CBS and Warner (Bros.) which combined and took over UPN and The WB. Can anybody understand all this?
  25. Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, is currently with owner Sally down in Charleston, S. C. The stevedores took them down river to a Croation freighter ship that was hauling pig iron and when Sally and Le Le walked up the gangplank the captain of the ship stopped them dead in their tracks and forbid Hanalie from coming aboard. Said it was against the law to let dogs come on and said it could spread disease - not that the dog's sick or anything. So Hanalie was told "no" once in her life.
  26. . . . So Hanalie returned to the small boat while Sally stayed with the captain.
  27. On Wednesday the Today show had on some Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, dancing and dressed in Santa Claus outfits. C'mon, aren't we rushing it a bit?
  28. . . . And some people tell me they've seen Halloween costumes and candy in stores already. It's not even Labor Day yet.
  29. Mr. Big Stuff points out that the word racecar (actually it's two words) is a palindrome. Same spelled forward and backward, like the date 1881. He's observant.
  30. SNAKES ON A PLANE. Saw it last weekend. Didn't open as big as everybody thought. Movie could've been better. It does make you cringe and squirm and it is unsettling but after all is said and done, it's still just a B-movie. Important to see it with a packed house because the crowd reacts and it can be fun.
  31. . . . The movie cheats on the up close action a bit and the special effects are noticeable. The director, David R. Ellis, must've thought more is better and if you ask me, it didn't work.
  32. Michael Flynn of News4 Washington and JonBenet admirer John Mark Karr look alike. Flynn did some reporting on the story and they do look like they could be brothers.
  33. WHAT I LEARNED ON TODAY. Denture tablets can clean dirty toilets. So I'll try to remember that tonight when I take out my choppers for their nightly soaking. I'll pull an extra one out of the box and toss it in the crapper so when I wake up in the morning I'll have a nice clean bow to relieve myself in.
  34. All in all, I thought Boy George took his punishment of cleaning the streets of New York City very well. He did what he was supposed to for a week and now he's outta there. People made fun of him and he did get snappy with the press but that would've happened with anyone. So he was a good sport.
  35. FOOD IN MOUTH. Ray Nagin of New Orleans got defensive with CBS News National Correspondent Byron Pitts when asked about his city's cleanup efforts a year after Hurricane Katrina. Nagin: "You guys in New York can't get a hole in the ground fixed and it's five years later," he said, referring to the World Trade Center. The full piece will be on 60 Minutes this Sunday.
  36. . . . Nagin's always good for a gaffe.
  37. Are Kate Snow of ABC and Tony Snow of the White House related?
  38. SURPRISED . . . That last week, day after day, Wolf Blitzer of CNN's The Situation Room, who was over in the Middle East anchoring his program, wore the same duster-type casual jacket with the corduroy collar over his blue button down shirt with no tie. He's usually well dressed all the time with a suit and tie on. This was a casual Wolf who, obviously, was "reporting" from a war zone. But he's the anchor and I expected more from him in regards to his appearance. He's always dapper back home in the studio.
  39. . . . And he didn't vary his clothing selection the whole time he was there.
  40. . . . And when came back home, commentator Jack Cafferty asked him if he brought his windbreaker home with him. He thought the thing should've been bronzed.
  41. Has ABC's Robin Roberts turned into Oprah Winfrey's Gayle King? The look is similar now, especially the hair. I liked the old Robin.
  42. I could've sworn that early in the day when the John Mark Karr story broke that legal expert and now news executive Dan Abrams was on MSNBC with his rapidly turning gray hair and then later in the afternoon he appeared to have brown hair. I could be wrong but it did look different to me. Did he slip out, on a very busy news day, to get his hair colored? I'm suspicious.
  43. UH . . . Suspicion - Terry Stafford, on Crusader Records, 1964. (Song first appeared on Elvis Presley's 1962 album, Pot Luck. How's that trivia for ya?


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