December 3, 2001


  1. . . . The new arrival at Washington's National Zoo was outside Sunday with its mom for all to see. Not named yet, it's got that flyaway baby hair on it (looks cute) and its mouth is pink. The little pachyderm pretty much stayed underneath its mother, constantly nursing and walking among her huge legs. It was playful and did some walking and the crowd went "Aawww" a lot.
  2. Sally Field is on the cover of the current AARP magazine, My Generation . She's got on a black thin-strapped dress that's pretty low-cut, just like what all the girls nowadays wear. Not ashamed of the cleavage showing. I guess it gives hope to fellow baby boomers.
  3. That granny in bed using "The Clapper" to turn off her TV sure has a head of gray, frizzy hair going on. Needs combing.
  4. . . . I want a Clapper for Christmas. "The Clapper turns things on, turns things off ... just by clapping."
  5. GOOD TO SEE . . . Veteran NBC reporter Bob Kur doing some of the news anchoring on MSNBC. His experience shows. And he's not a shouter, his delivery's good and not rushed and panicked. Seasoned newsman.
  6. LISTENING TO . . . Toni Braxton's Christmas album, Snowflakes . It's typical Toni with that low voice of hers. Nice orchestral arrangements. Refined seasonal funk is what it is.
  7. HEARD: Former long time ABC correspondent Beth Nissen ... on CNN with a piece on a U.S. flag being sent to American servicemen/women in Afghanistan. She wasn't on-camera for it though. Just a voice/over. Will keep looking for her mug.
  8. Mr. Big Stuff said this about the now very thin Whitney Houston : "Houston, you have a problem."
  9. The friend of mine who had a tofurkey for Thanksgiving said it turned out okay but had a spongey consistency that you couldn't get away from. Sounds uh ..., like eating a sponge.
  10. Westminster Abbey, the tower Big Ben . . . (Finish it up.)
  11. Are Kim Basinger and rapper Eminem really an item? He calls her his "sweet honeypot." (She's playing his mother in an upcoming biopic about the kid's hardknock life in Detroit.) What would hubby Alec have to say about that?
  12. Madonna shoots pheasants over in England now. Boy, that's good news to get out.
  13. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge has that Dick Tracy square-jawed look. He's right out of a comic strip.
  14. Does Mick Jagger play the guitar? I never knew that. Thought he always just sang and the rest of the group did the instruments. He's leaning on one on the cover of his new album, Goddess in the Doorway . (Album's gotten good reviews.)
  15. Does NBC have a bad name now because of that celebrity Fear Factor that was on last week where the stars heads were in a vat of worms? Pretty distasteful.
  16. Edward Burns' Sidewalks of New York movie is okay. Narrative, talking-to-the-camera film sort of works. About various characters' lovelife. Reminds me somewhat of a modern day Woody Allen film showing people's foibles.
  17. REMEMBERING. George Harrison's My Sweet Lord . "Hare Krishna ..." Everybody was singing that refrain back in the day ... And What Is Life . Super guitar and string-filled song co- produced by Phil (Wall of Sound) Spector and Harrison.
  18. Did Mary Kay Ash wear enough makeup?
  19. Al Gore seems looser.
  20. Someone said CNN's Judy Woodruff always looks like she's on the verge of tears.
  21. Time magazine is considering making Osama bin Laden the Man of the Year . Panelists on ABC's This Week weighed in on whether they should: Claire Shipman : Yes. George Will : Yes. Cokie Roberts : Of course not. Sam Donaldson : They should but they won't.
  22. George Will says Americans are "cocooning."
  23. "Chef Anthony Bourdain has sampled everything from lamb testicles to a cobra's beating heart," captioned USA TODAY on an article about the food man and best-selling author. Remind me not to eat in one of his restaurants.
  24. . . . I feel sick now.
  25. MOVIE: Innocence . An interesting look at mature people (70's) being in and out of love. A small film, but worth seeing.
  26. REMEMBERING FROM CHILDHOOD. They still make Snicker Doodles and I bought a box. A good, hard, crispy sugar cookie sprinkled with cinnamon and perfect for coffee or tea dunking.
  27. SPOTTED: Oprah Winfrey going into a plaza shop near the Four Seasons hotel in Georgetown Saturday with a small entourage including a security man with an earpiece. In town for the Kennedy Center honors?
  28. Michael Jackson thanks the world in the liner notes on his new album Invincible . And after practically each mention he puts his name, Michael Jackson , after it. Yes, it's his album, why does he have to sign each entry individually? It's ridiculous. Who else would it be from?
  29. UH . . . Butterflies- Michael Jackson on Epic. Nice sound and getting play.


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