December 26, 2010


  1. …Or did they stop off at McDonald's to get an Egg McMuffin?
  2. …They were driven by car (coach?) to Buckingham Palace last Thursday for the queen's annual Christmas luncheon before she took off for the holiday where the family celebrates at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England.
  3. …All of the royal family was there at the before-Christmas lunch and reports said Kate met about 40 of the relatives. (Any drunken uncles?)
  4. …"It was a momentous day for her," said royals author Judy Wade, according to People magazine.
  5. …"When she left, Kate was looking supremely (Where Did Our Love Go? ) happy. She was smiling broadly," said an observer.
  6. …"She was beaming ('Beam me up Scotty'? )," said another wannabe standing at the palace gates.
  7. William worked (volunteered) on Christmas day for his helicopter search and rescue mission team in North Wales while Kate was 270 miles away in Berkshire, England with her family.
  8. Working? Can't he get the day off? He's the future King of England, for crissakes.
  9. …They've got high principles over there. Higher callings. They're not selfish like us Americans.
  10. OBSERVED. Mariah Carey is pregnant (twins?) and is as big as a house.
  11. …She's as wide as a couch too.
  12. MICHAEL VICK PINES FOR A DOG. He told NBC News and The Grio Web site that he misses having a dog (to bat around?). "My daughters miss having one, and that's the hardest thing: Telling them that we can't have one because of my actions."
  13. … Aww. Tell that to all those little doggies that were abused and killed at Vick's Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting complex down in Surry County, Va.
  14. …The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is on probation for running the operation and can't own, buy or sell a dog.
  15. …Bow wow. Oh what a relief it is.
  16. Mr. Big Stuff said he was confused and barely recognized correspondent Ashleigh Banfield on ABC's 20/20 a week or so a ago. She did a piece on some trial that was in the news and did not have a pair of her iconic plastic-framed glasses on, which have come to symbolize her. Many other women in TV have followed suit but, if you ask me, none can compare to the way Banfield "owns" the fashionware item. (Meredith Vieira take note.)
  17. Former D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee is showing up frequently on national TV (CNN, MSNBC) as a talking head expert on education since her resignation (after the loss by Adrian Fenty of the D.C. mayoral election to Vincent Gray).
  18. …She's started a new non-profit group, Students First, but she alienated many in D.C. because of many teacher firings and her progressive ideas that didn't go over that well with a majority of parents.
  19. …You could say she was reviled by many.
  20. …But Mr. Highfalutin said that many believe she got rid of a lot of dead wood.
  21. "It's been a very active lame-duck Congress," said Christiane Amanpour on ABC's The Week last weekend in her introduction to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), leading into their guest segment to talk about Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the tax cuts and the START treaty.
  22. …Yeah, it's about time Congress did something. They haven't worked this hard since the midterm elections when they feared their jobs were in jeopardy.
  23. …It's nice to see some sweat on their brows for a change and having to work on a deadline like most people do who work in this country.
  24. …They just wanted outta there because Christmas was coming and they didn't want to be stuck working through the whole holiday.
  25. Larry King's last show was last Thursday and then on Friday after Parker Spitzer (does that show title have a hyphen between the names or is it like a law firm, which doesn't believe in punctuation?) Kathleen Parker said, "Larry King is next" (at the 9 o'clock hour) and the show came on.
  26. …I was confused. I thought the show was over too. But the show came up and there was no explanation for the viewers that it was a rerun or "encore broadcast"or anything. Just life as normal on CNN ... NOT.
  27. …I think there should have been some disclaimer on the screen to let people know what was going on.
  28. …Did Larry come back from the dead after his grand finale?
  29. …(NOTE: "Classic interviews and episodes" will run through the end of the year, reports The New York Times, at which point, in January, Anderson Cooper will take over the 9 p.m. timeslot until Piers Morgan takes over for the next generation in prime-time entertainment from CNN.
  30. …Does that mean that Anderson will occupy the 9 and 10 o'clock hours? I don't know if I can take that.
  31. …and Piers Morgan ... I don't know about him. An interview is an interview. How will Mr. Morgan's be any different from Larry King's or anyone else on TV who does Q&A's?
  32. …How much of a skill-set does it take, for God's sake?
  33. MOVIE: The Fighter. Boxing flick that takes place in Lowell, Mass. and features some good acting (Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo). A good story (true) about boxer "Irish" Micky Ward and the brother who helped train him) and good directing (David O. Russell).
  34. …The film's opening sequence of the two brothers walking through town was pretty amazing and sets up the film well.
  35. Bale is unbelievable as Dicky, the crack-addicted half-brother of Wahlberg (Micky), in another role in which he's lost massive amounts of weight and creates a hyper, keyed-up, crazy, jumping out of windows, on-the-edge character who once fought Sugar Ray Leonard and "won."
  36. …Very blue collar movie: coarse and raucous, realistic.
  37. NOTICED: 10 Downing Street in London, the residence of the prime minister, looks like it has the NBC peacock (minus the color) engraved up over the door. Hmm. I thought I was seeing a promo for some Law & Order or some such when I saw that.
  38. JUST ASKING. In those Blue Diamond almonds ads on TV it irks me when someone tosses a nut right into the mouth of a woman but the camera cuts away at the split-second that it supposedly lands on her tongue.
  39. …What were they thinking? I want the money shot.
  40. …It happens two times in the same commercial.
  41. …I like to see things through to their conclusion.
  42. …Fire the film crew and be done with it!
  43. Do those Shake Weights work? And those weight loss belts, what about them? They make it look so easy.
  44. …The crap they hawk on TV.
  45. IDEA. Can somebody make a movie about Mae West and have Joy Behar star in it? She's got the potential the way she speaks sometimes and has some Mae characteristics in her voice.
  46. …Like the other night when she said "We'll be back in a minute or so," after she finished a segment on some sex topic.
  47. …It reminded me of West saying "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?"
  48. Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, is having fun on the West Coast with owner Sally and her father for the holidays. The kids from Tonga are running and playing with the dog and Le Le likes all of the attention.
  49. …She traveled there, drugged and in a carrying case stuffed under Sally's seat on the plane, poor thing.
  50. President Obama's lower lip seems to have healed very quickly (basketball injury). It was stitched up but now it's hard to tell. Guess he has good doctors. He should.
  51. HOLD YOUR HORSES: The networks are already talking about hosting debates for the 2012 election: CNN announced that it will be producing (along with WMUR-TV in New Hampshire) a Republican presidential primary debate next June; NBC will be hosting the first GOP debate in the spring and Fox News is set to host two key debates starting in May.
  52. …So get ready for the political onslaught, right after the holidays. All the eager beavers in the media and the press will be acting like the election is in 2011 when it's not until a whole year later.
  53. …This happened in the last election and it seemed to take forever to elect the president of the United States.
  54. …Two years of pundits, predictions and (empty?) promises coming at ya.
  55. …UH…Keep It Comin' Love - K.C. & The Sunshine Band, on TK Records, 1977.


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