February 9, 2004


  1. . . . Her "decision to have a costume reveal at the end of my halftime show performance was made after final rehearsals." Is that an inside industry term that performers use to describe a partial strip down? Maybe it goes on a lot. She said it so matter-of-factly, like anyone would know what she was talking about.
  2. . . . Jacksonís pic is in the current Vanity Fair, the one that has that Michael Jackson Jesus juice/Jesus blood article. Sheís made up/dressed up like singer Lena Horne who sheíll portray in an ABC TV movie scheduled for next year. Maybe by that time all the ruckus she caused at the Super Bowl will be forgotten. She does look like Lena, dressed in a gown that looks like it was painted on her.
  3. Is Stockard Channing related to Carol Channing?
  4. THERE IT IS AGAIN. Last week Random mentioned that Wesley Clark said at the end of one of his paid political ads, "Iím Wes Clark and I approve this message." Now John Kerryís saying it at the end of his. Is this a new thing? Have I been somewhere else? Why do they say that? Maybe we should ask Mark Halperin, ABC Newsís political director. Heíd know.
  5. Castor oil is made from castor beans and so is ricin, that powder substance they found on Capitol Hill last week. Do parents still give their kids castor oil for constipation? Remember the Little Rascals taking it?
  6. MONSTER. The Charlize Theron movie about real-life prostitute and man killer Aileen ĎLeeí Wuoronos. Theron is terrific and so is the movie. She supposedly gained 30 pounds for the role and that plus the makeup job make her practically unrecognizable as the beauty she really is. Christina Ricci plays her younger lesbian lover and sheís great. The dialogue seems natural. The film is much more than Theronís makeup; her performance as a desperate character is jolting, cold, brutal and loving and needy. Critics do say, though, that itís a Hollywood interpretation of the Wuoronos story.
  7. . . . Thereís a documentary coming soon called Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (Itís the second doc. First one done in 1992.) and a book thatís out, Lethal Intent.
  8. DISAPPOINTED . . . In the Burt Bacharach/Ronald Isley album, Isley Meets Bacharach. Everythingís too slow. Ronnie sounds great as he always does and the album spotlights him more than the music and arrangements of Bacharach. But thereís little variation in the tempo of the cuts. The album Bacharach made with Elvis Costello (Painted >From Memory) has much more life.
  9. Adam Sandlerís bulldog Meatball died.
  10. UNBUTTON THE JACKET, WILL YA? Sen. John Edwards always has the top button of his suit jacket buttoned and it looks stupid when he raises his hands up in the air to a crowd and it rides up on him. Just undo the button and look more less buttoned up, for crissakes.
  11. Cialis, the new erectile dysfunction drug, asks the question, "When the moment is right, will you be ready?" They give you 36 hours to find out.
  12. Jonathan Karl, congressional correspondent for CNN, left cable and is now at ABC News. He was on World News Tonight a couple times last week with reports from Capitol Hill and the State Department.
  13. Long-time Washington dance instructor Vic Daumit died of a heart attack on Feb. 2. He was 85 and taught dancing for 55 years - ballroom, mambo, cha-cha, merengue, salsa. Had a studio in Cleveland Park and was teaching there the morning of the day he died. He had this to say about that dumb Macarena dance: "Itís the kind of thing a child could teach, and people just looked so pathetic doing it. Amen.
  14. Now Oprahís getting into the reality show thing with Oprahís Pop Star Challenge. They pick one winner from 15,000 entrants. Thatís all I know.
  15. OUCH. That breast plate that Janet Jackson had on ... Was It pierced through? If it was, does that do any damage to the uh ... (rhymes with Mr. Whipple)?
  16. Gretchen Carlson and Russ Mitchell make a good pair on the CBS Saturday Early Show. Both are low-key and so is the program. Itís got some good regular features too, including their Second Cup Cafe which regularly spotlights new and emerging musical acts. Too bad they canít be on during the week. Anything would be better than that Harry Smith and His Girls show.
  17. I WAS WRONG. I mentioned in a previous Random that Planters Nuts uses the instrumental track to James Brownís Hot Pantssong in its current TV ad. Not true. They use the whole thing - vocal and instrumental. Sorry. "I like the Hot Pants ..."
  18. Where in the World is Matt Lauer? started today and weekend Today will have its own version of it called Where in the Heck are Campbell (Brown) & Lester (Holt). Franchising?
  19. Did Spalding Gray commit suicide by jumping off the Staten Island Ferry? Thatís what a lot of people think. Are they looking for the body?
  20. Some people at my work were singing Hang On Sushi instead of Hang On Sloopy the other day. Maybe because it was lunch time and they were hungry and an Asian restaurant was down the street.
  21. So is President Bush gonna give Face the Nation and This Week With George Stephanopoulos and maybe CNNís Late Edition a one-on-one interview like he gave Meet the Press and Tim Russert? Will Bush make Ďem all equal? Doubt it.
  22. RAPTRESS? Thatís TV Guide lingo for what Queen Latifah is.
  23. "I donít really wanna be on the news. I just wanna get my baby." Thatís what a mother outside Ballou High School in Washington, D.C. said to a News4 reporter after a shooting last week. I guess she ended that conversation. Good for her.
  24. Martha Stewart never looked so good. Going into court in New York. Nice coats, colorful scarves, more makeup. But her hairís always a mess.
  25. Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) has cute front teeth. Six more weeks of winter. (That doesnít seem that long.) Saw his shadow.
  26. OH NO! BRAD PITT WITH A BRITISH ACCENT. Thatís what he has in his upcoming movie Troy. Heard it in the trailer (preview). He was angry in the scene I saw, brandishing his sword and shield. Sounded okay but didnít hear that much of it. He better be able to carry it off or peopleíre really gonna make fun of it and kill the film. Wonder if Gwyneth gave him lessons.
  27. Does Harry Connick Jr. naturally sound like Frank Sinatra or does he put it on?
  28. "Hand-drawn animation is on life support." Thatís what CBSís Bill Whitaker said in a feature he did on Sunday Morning about Disney and Pixar, the Finding Nemo folks. Pixar has raised the bar with modern technology.
  29. Are the days getting longer now?
  30. Al Sharpton needs to get a new do and distance himself from James Brown. Thatís who he got it from. But not the mug shot James Brown.
  31. John Kerry is dropping weight. Looks like his face is caving in. Needs to bulk up. Take some Ensure or something while youíre stumping.
  32. A friend of mine said she didnít know why Johnny Depp got an Academy Award nomination for his Pirates of Penzance, er ... Pirates of the Caribbean movie. She thought it was like a high school performance. "The movie was alright but thatís about all."
  33. ...THE MOVIE WAS ALRIGHT BUT THATíS ABOUT ALL. Thatís the way I felt about that Angela Lansbury TV movie, The Blackwater Lightship.
  34. SNAKES USED TO HAVE LEGS. According to study to be published in Biology Letters, the earthís first snakes lived on land and not in the ocean. "... snakes evolved on land, losing their limbs as they adapted to a burrowing lifestyle." Not appealing.
  35. Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, is back home from the spa now that owner Sally has returned from Las Vegas.
  36. POOR CHOICE. Celine Dion singing Luther Vandrossís Dance With My Father at the Grammys. Iím not saying that because of the audio problems at the beginning either. First off, a man shouldíve been chosen to sing that song and secondly, her singing of it was nothing special even though she laid on the fake emotion like she so often does.
  37. Mr. Big Stuff asks this question: "Who is Pete in the expression, Ďfor Peteís sakeí?"
  38. UH . . . Big Boy Pete - The Olympics on Arvee Records. 1960. They used to do The Slop to it.



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