February 12, 2001


  1. LISTENING TO . . . Nuggets from Nuggets/Choice Artifacts From The First Psychedelic Era. Dream leads off the CD. That was by The Electric Prunes on Reprise from 1966. Great singles selection representing the garage sound of 60s pop.
  2. Julianne Moore has a J.Lo-type dress on on the cover of the new Vanity Fair. At least the top of it. Split down the middle. Va-Va Voom.
  3. "Call, click or visit Fidelity." That's what they say. You can have it anyway you want it.
  4. My niece says Hannibal's not as scary as Silence of the Lambs. (She reads a lot of true crime books though.) They really put Anthony Hopkins out there to promote the movie. He's creepy.
  5. . . . And Rita Kempley, film critic for The Washington Post, said in her washingtonpost.com/Live Online program Friday that it was the most vile and gruesome movie she's seen in twenty years of going to the movies. She got nightmares.
  6. DIDN"T KNOW . . . That the pandas at the National Zoo in Washington are really black and tan-not black and white. They were really playful Sunday and one of them was yelping. The seem to wrestle a lot-if that's what they're doing.
  7. GOOD COPY: CBS Sunday Morning's Charles Osgood introed a report on a famous floral designer by saying, "Forever turning over a new leaf." Simple and clever.
  8. The New York Times' Maureen Dowd's still after the Clintons. She said, "Bill and Hill are tornadoes, as James McDougal memorably observed, twisting through people's lives and blithely moving on.
  9. . . . Bill Clinton doesn't seem to know what to do with himself.
  10. BUMPER STICKER: Eracism. Good
  11. There's another NBC network thing going on: tnbc on Saturday mornings. I guess it stands for "teen"-those highschool sitcoms they put on. It's a proving ground for future network stars, I guess. NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, tnbc, nbci.com. What's next?
  12. "Nobody can do the . . . Shing-A-Ling, like I do." Courtesy of The Human Beinz. From Nuggets.
  13. That couple that had those vicious dogs in that San Francisco apartment are acting weird. They're not even acting sorry about the attack which left a fellow dweller mauled to death.
  14. . . . What kind of people would have two dogs like that in an apartment?
  15. RollingStone magazine describes Sade's latest album like this: ... "The woman sounds like she had one big cosmic orgasm twenty years ago and has been recovering ever since." Well, I'd say it's sorta true.
  16. A friend of mine said Sarah Jessica Parker has a horse face. Nice.
  17. That Mark Rich lawyer Jack Quinn who testified at the House Committee on Government Reform about the Clinton pardons looks like he's got false teeth.
  18. USA TODAY says pay phones are vanishing. Cell phones are taking over. This is true-at least in the D.C. area. You try to find a pay phone, especially one that works.
  19. Anna Nicole Smith's black poodle is named Sweetie Pie. How cute. Wonder what she called her ninety some year old loverman when the guy was still kicking?
  20. FYI: Tom Cruise's first wife, Mimi Rogers, is a regular on Genna Davis' ABC sitcom.
  21. NEW TERM: Teleharasser. That's what they call those obnoxious people who call and try to sell you something over the phone and they're hard to get away from. Enough of it already.
  22. UNLIKELY PAIR. Eminem and Elton John are going to do a song together on the Grammy's this month. Gay and lesbian groups are up in arms over it.
  23. A SPARE GOODBYE. From Voter.com. They're closing down and had a simple text only- no graphics, no logo, no nothing-two paragraph message thanking everybody for clicking on.
  24. Someone called Ken Burn's Jazz series on PBS a "calcified documentary."
  25. HAPPY TRAILS. To Dale Evans. She died this week at 88. She wrote that song in 1951 and she and Roy Rogers sang it over the closing credits of their TV show. Great memories.
  26. You better believe they're not gonna open back up Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. now. Still too many nuts running around there.
  27. WEARING. Soledad O'Brien is on weekend Today. That little girl voice and her over- enthusiastic manner are a bit much.
  28. GET THAT RIGHT: The movie Thirteen Days spells out the number. Doesn't use the number 13. Who cares? Writers, journalists.
  29. Yoko Ono's 68 years old now.
  30. Monica Lewinsky has a spokesperson.
  31. Live With Regis and Kelly doesn't have the same ring/zing as With Kathy Lee. Get Kelly a middle name. Flows better.
  32. CHANGING PARTNERS: Bette Midler's getting a new husband on her Bette sitcom. Robert Hayes. People complained that her old one didn't seem right.
  33. Can someone tell Della Reese to stop oversinging on that Touched By An Angel TV show opening number?
  34. Mary Hart said this out of an Entertainment Tonight report on Anthony Hopkins and his Hannibal movie: "Oh, he's so creepy." Mary ... Expressive.
  35. GOOD STORY: Author A'Lelia Bundles was featured on CBS Sunday Morning telling the story of her great, great grandmother, Madam C.J. Walker, who rose up from poverty to build a beauty care empire for African American women in the early twentieth century. Bundles was a washingtonpost.com/Live Online guest this past week. It's a great story and Columbia/Tri-Star and CBS are interested.
  36. That mouth guard Anthony Hopkins wears in Hannibal makes him look like a monkey.
  37. UH . . . The Monkey Time-Major Lance, on Okeh from 1963. Curtis Mayfield wrote and produced it.



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