January 12, 2003


  1. . . . Cold snap. This winter’s a far cry from last year. People were at restaurants sitting outside eating in December and early January. Mother Nature ... she changeable.
  2. GONE NOW. Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees. One of the twins in the group (born 1949, brother Barry the other), died this morning after complications from abdominal surgery last week. The group has had a huge span of record success since their first U.S.hit, New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Have You Seen My Wife, Mr. Jones) , in 1967. They jumped onto the disco phase of their career with the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack and after that had more hits, mostly international. Since 1967 they’ve been cranking them out.
  3. McDonald’s has brought back that dumb Big Mac ingredients song to celebrate its 35th year— this time a rap with phrases of it "sung" by a multitude of people, all edited together. Number one, the concept’s old. Number two, Get a Life!
  4. Mr. Big Stuff thought he was watching Masterpiece Theatre instead of Joe Millionaire when he saw the butler at the chateau with a glass of cognac or something in a snifter glass sitting in the reading room in a high-backed leather chair. He wondered why you didn’t see any more of the help staff in that big mansion.
  5. Mr. Millionaire himself seems to have another more revealing life. He picks up an easy thou posing in skimpy bathing suits.
  6. Former CBS Early Show anchor Jane Clayson is showing up on 48 Hours Investigates now, doing a story on the missing Elizabeth Smart child. She’s doing a good job. Glad to see they placed her somewhere.
  7. . . . And is the new Early Show any better than the one before it? All I can say is poor, Harry Smith.
  8. FYI: Bachelorette is a word that’s in the dictionary even though the term’s not used much. Merriam-Webster defines it as a "bachelor woman" and the listing’s been around since 1938.
  9. Like a Rock irritates me as much as Are You Ready for Some Football?
  10. So if you drive an SUV are you supporting terrorism?
  11. That shirtless, lacquered chest shot of Justin Timberlake on the current Rolling Stone was taken by photographer Herb Ritts who died just last week. And he took the Salma Hyek one on the cover of February’s Vanity Fair too. He stayed busy til the end.
  12. When I saw North Korea’s Kim Jong Il on the cover of Newsweek with his sunglasses on I thought it was Bono of U2.
  13. DO SOMETIHNG ABOUT IT. People are getting tired of so many previews at the movies these days, plus they play commercials, show short films by amateurs brought to you by Coke and replay that Fandango ad to the point of obnoxiousness.
  14. There’s a hair restoration place in Reston, Virginia that says a "Complete Procedure" costs only $3,950. Are you serious? (703-390-5805/www.novahaircenter.com)
  15. "I’LL BE BLEEPED." That’s what the ad says above Ozzy Osbourne’s picture in TV Guide for the American Music Awards which the family will be hosting Monday night at 8 on ABC. I hope someone else does all the talking because you can’t understand a thing that comes out of his mouth.
  16. That Verizon ad with the guitar-playing guy trying to call his girlfriend to the tune of All I Need Is a Miracle is much too long. We get the point. We don’t need what seems like a minute commercial to get the message.
  17. The new Star Search on CBS is lame ... and so is Arsenio Hall as host. He’s still fawning and hugging and kissing everybody and he often yells out, "Where my dogs at?" like he’s on his old TV show or something.
  18. Is it "No Smoking Gun" or "No Smoking Guns?" Hans Blix said "gun" in his quote but headlines are pluralizing it.
  19. GOOD MOVIE. Antwone Fisher. Good story, simply told and not too overwrought on the emotion. It comes out naturally. Denzel Washington directs and stars and Derek Luke is good as Antwone. And Barbra Streisand’s husband James Brolin’s in it for a small part. The movie is inspirational without being cloying.
  20. . . . And James Brolin’s son Josh is the star of the new NBC show, Mr. Sterling. New York Times’ writer Alessandra Stanley says Josh "inherited his father’s Cro-Magnon good looks."
  21. Trista Rehn, the host(ess) of The Bachelorette seems too slick for me. Groomed for the role. It would’ve been better if they had a less polished gal on. She gave out rose boutonnieres instead of long-stemmers to 15 bachelors she’s keeping for the next show. She cried before doing that procedure, feeling sorry for the ones she’d have to reject. Aw.
  22. . . . And most of the guys had glistening gel on their hair.
  23. DIFFERENT KIND OF SPONSOR. Joe Millionaiare this week was "brought to you by Just Married." Married is a new dumb movie with Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher. The Millionaire show is produced by Rocket Science Laboratories and we know the show ain’t that.
  24. The ads for the upcoming second installment of American Idol say, "Be there from the first note to the final vote."
  25. The other night Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, was more interested in the chicken that was on my dinner plate than the doggie cookies I gave her. I didn’t give any of my food to her. Hell, I gotta eat too.
  26. Is Star Jones’ contract over with PayLess shoes? She’s not seen in the new ads. (She was a bit overdressed and a little too glamorous looking to be selling cheap shoes.)
  27. Ray Liotta, who’s in the new movie Narc, misspoke on Conan O’Brien the other night, talking about the weight he gained for the part he plays but said instead how much "geight he wained." Ha Ha Ha.
  28. Avril Lavigne was musical guest on last night’s Saturday Night Live and sounded pretty good. Has a good band. She’s gonna be interviewed by Jane Pauley on Dateline Tuesday. That oughta be nice and dull.
  29. Last week Connie Chung interviewed some woman who had her fingers cut off.
  30. Roman Polanski’s The Pianist is well done and tells the story of a Warsaw ghetto survivor in a forthright manner. Adrien Brody plays the real-life pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman amidst all the ugliness of the holocaust and his struggle to survive. Even though the movie’s called The Pianist, there’s not a lot of music heard in the film. The score is not lavished on and it works.
  31. Matt Lauer went to the movies on New Year’s Eve and saw About Schmidt and liked it. See, you don’t always have to have a party to go to.
  32. Does Dr. Sen. Bill Frist give free advice?
  33. "Brokaw in Iraq. Couric in Saudi Arabia ... This week on NBC." I guess when they get to the serious stuff it’s no longer Tom and Katie. And Matt and Ann and Al and Stone and Jane and ...
  34. QUESTION. Is half a behind a buttock or a buttocks?
  35. UH . . . Behind Blue Eyes—The Who, on Decca. 1971

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