January 13, 2008


  1. . . . Sad but true. For her victory speech in the New Hampshire primary she came out wearing a greenish/brocade-ish print dress that looked like it grew out of some lamb's belly or something. Maybe it was recycled.
  2. . . . Is this what we're to expect if she makes it to the White House? That could be embarrassing for the country.
  3. . . . JUST ASKING. When Hillary Clinton "got emotional" and teared up after her defeat in Iowa ... Was she just mad that she didn't' get her way? Will she repeat this behavior every time she doesn't get something she wants? Does it really mean that much to her? Is she obsessed with power and can't stand to be runner-up to anyone?
  4. NOT KIND. Someone said Huckabee's wife Janet looked like a farm hand and that other presidential candidates' wives (Cindy McCain, Michelle Obama) were more fashionable in dress and appearance.
  5. . . . Mrs. Huckabee appears to be a large woman next to a formerly large man, so she does look bigger than him. He lost 100 pounds.
  6. . . . She plays a good bodyguard too. I saw her clearing the way for hubby who was on his way to the podium in Iowa and she knew how to get people out of the way. She'd be a good bar bouncer.
  7. Pundit Bill Bennett on CNN said John McCain can't comb his own hair (due to broken bones as a result of being a POW?). Is that true? (Bennett was making a point that despite this and the fact that McCain was 71, he out-campaigned everyone in N.H. and that he deserved credit for his extraordinary moment.
  8. COPY CATS. Everybody's adopting Barack Obama's campaign slogan of CHANGE. They've all jumped on the bandwagon. Hillary's even making signs that say it. Mitt Romney's talking change and so is Huckabee.
  9. . . . They all think that's what the country wants.
  10. . . . They talk the talk but will they walk the walk when one of 'em gets to the White House? All that change they speechify about will go out the window, if you ask me. It's not a bed of roses in the nation's capital, what with the Congress and everything else. Time will tell.
  11. John Kerry dropped John Edwards like a hot potato. He came out for Obama and the two men shook hands and hugged each other Thursday when Kerry made his announcement in Charleston, S.C. They looked like dance partners locked in an embrace.
  12. . . . Good, now they can both go wind surfing in Nantucket with their wet suits on.
  13. . . . Edwards reacted to the Kerry endorsement by saying that he respected his former running mate's decision and that the Democratic Party is stronger because of John Kerry.
  14. . . . Hmm. That true?
  15. . . . Who cares who John Kerry wants for president? How much influence does he wield now? He lost.
  16. When Obama talked Tuesday night after the New Hampshire primary results which showed Hillary Clinton won, it sure didn't sound like he lost. None of 'em say they lose when they don't come in first. It's typical politician behavior and totally out of reality. They no longer call them concession speeches. Nobody concesses now.
  17. . . . Barack did a Can-Can — not the dance women used to do in the 1890s -- when he kept repeating the slogan, "Yes, we can. Yes, we can." It reminded me of the Pointer Sisters' hit, Yes, We Can Can from 1963 (Blue Thumb Records). LYRICS: "I know we can make it. I know darn well we can work it out. Oh yes, we can. I know we can can. Yes we can can, why can't we? If we wanna, yes we can can." A lot was in the can.
  18. . . . And when he was done, on came Stevie Wonder's Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours), likening his "victory" to a foregone conclusion.
  19. . . . John McCain dipped a little further back into the pop music catalog and used Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode (Chess Records, 1958) when he won. "Go, Johnny, go." Think he and wife Cindy jitterbug to it when the cameras aren't on 'em?
  20. John Edwards had a famous actor standing directly behind him during his "victory" speech. Why it was Mike Delfino (James Denton), the neighborhood plumber from Desperate Housewives who's married to Susan Mayer (Terry Hatcher) on the show.
  21. . . . Denton looked pretty serious standing up there, concerned. That's how he always looks. He's got one expression and that's about it. A Johnny One-Note.
  22. . . . Back in Iowa the week before, Chuck Norris (Walker, Texas Ranger) was right behind Mike Huckabee, the winner of the Caucuses. Norris was very happy for Huck's win and donned a full-mouthed smile. You couldn't wipe away that grin.
  23. . . . The actor/martial artser's teeth were so white and perfect. (Crest Whitestrips, Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste, porcelain veneers?) Looked a bit unnatural. His wife (former model Gena O'Kelley) smiled a lot too but her choppers weren't as white as Chuck's.
  24. . . . Huckabee's teeth look like chipmunk teeth or Bucky Beaver's. Nothing wrong with that. They're good for chip, chip, chipping away at stuff, like his other Republican presidential contenders.
  25. . . . QUESTON: Did Huck Hound (Mike Huckabee) lose all the weight by using that Total Gym contraption Norris advertises in those infomercials with Christie Brinkley? Just asking. Maybe that's why the two guys seem so close.
  26. Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday (Jan. 13) thanked Giuliani for being a guest on his show and mentioned that he knew the mayor had a busy schedule coming up and ended by saying to him, "Safe travel," when the interview was done. What's that all about? Did Wallace turn travel agent? When does a newsman start reciting Hallmark card sentiments? Good God. Cut down the care factor please.
  27. CNN was really into the touch-screen technology on N.H. primary night. Reporter/correspondent John King manned the controls for the CNN HD projection wallboard. It was like watching a buncha those new iPhones -- moving things around on the screen, making them bigger and smaller by the touch of a hand. They looked like scrubbing bubbles to me but they were supposed to illustrate votes in precincts going here and there. It was hi-tech and somewhat neat and the kids probably liked it but it was maybe a little too cluttered.  Needs to be clearer, cleaner. Somebody get Steve Jobs on the case and make it a little better for next time.
  28. Mitt Romney's hair gets a little messed up sometimes on the campaign trail. Once in a while a little bit of it falls down on his forehead. When this happens, he looks more cas(usal) and that's good for the stiff that he is.
  29. . . . John Harwood, chief Washington correspondent for CNBC and Wall Street Journal columnist likened (on Meet the Press) Mitt to Eddie Haskell on Leave It To Beaver, the mischievous kid who always complimented Mrs. Cleaver and other grownups but was in fact a little demon. He'd curry favor with the right people but he was as two-faced as the day is long.
  30. . . . This came up while discussing the story that Romney had implied that his father George marched with Martin Luther King, which he didn't. Romney said he "saw my father march with Martin Luther King," but his old man didn't. Later Mitt said that he meant it figuratively. Yeah, right
  31. . . . UH . . . I Will Follow Him Little Peggy March, on RCA Victor, 1963.



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