January 19, 1999


  1. . . . Of Mike Tyson and Francois Botha last week before the fight. If looks could kill ...
  2. . . . Botha had a paunch; Tyson was tight.
  3. C-Span's advertising on the commercial TV networks. They call themselves "the cable industry's gift to America." Really? (How do they get their money?)
  4. FUNNY CHARACTER: That singing/dancing shrimp with the real high-pitched voice in those Applebee's commercials. And the cows watching are funny too.
  5. Jamie Lee Curtis is always wielding something in her movies. She goes for the physical. Now she's after the Virus monster.
  6. Did Lionel Richie sing lead on Brick House or was it another member of the group he used to be in? (The Commodores) They were on that NAACP telethon last weekend – without Richie – and the guy who sang it sounded just like the record did.
  7. BEING IN THE MOMENT. That's where actors are.
  8. NOT HER AGAIN. Susan Carpenter-McMillan. Now she's "representing" Abe Hirschfield, the New Yorker who offered Paula Jones one million dollars, who's now accused of hiring a hit man to do in his business partner. Nice company she keeps.
  9. Yesterday's New York Times Magazine cover featured a blurry, out-of-focus head shot picture of President Clinton for a cover story on his "Legacy."
  10. Did Connie Chung coin the word get? Everybody uses the term now. Didn't she do a college paper on it when she was away from TV land?
  11. Rick Schroder's short haircut is not very complimentary for him. He was a good-looking kid. Looks better with more hair. The hell with the current style.
  12. A LONG WAY TO GO. Fox TV's entertainment chief, Doug Herzog, wants his network to be more than cartoons and car chases/crashes.
  13. PAY TO THE ORDER OF . . . Paula C. Jones and Her Attorneys: Rader, Campbell, Fisher & Pike, Gilbert K. Davis, Joseph Camarata, and William N. McMillan, III. That's who Clinton's $850,000 check was made out to. How they gonna divvy that up?
  14. . . . Is that McMillan Susan Carpenter or her husband?
  15. New York gossip columnist Liz Smith still uses Gleem toothpaste. Remember that?
  16. DirecTV was plugging The Mast of Zorro Letterbox last week – like letterox was part of the film's title. I don't like that effect. You have to squint to see the picture. Blow it up, make it bigger.
  17. Tweety Bird's got a crush on Larry Bird and has his picture in her nest.
  18. NEW MOVIE: In Dreams, with Annette Bening, Warren Beatty's wife. It's a versatile role for her, but the movie misses. About someone evil getting into her dreams. Sort of Psycho-ish, with Robert Downey, Jr. Well-directed, but the story's too much to be believed.
  19. . . . They play Roy Orbison's 1963 hit single, In Dreams, at the end of the movie over the credits.
  20. INTERESTING NEW ALBUM: Jazz In Film, by trumpeter/composer Terence Blanchard. His take on and arrangements of some classic movie scores like Streetcar Named Desire, Chinatown, Taxi Driver, others. Done with ensemble and orchestra. The guy's talented.
  21. Is NBC becoming the PAX network? Now they want more family and less sex. Funny how things turn around, huh?
  23. When do all those TV pundits do their regular jobs?
  24. Nocoderm CQ had on an out-of-date commercial the other night. It was tied to the new year because the over-enthused woman in it talked about filling a football stadium with former smokers on New Year's Day. That was weeks ago.
  25. . . . It wasn't really that long ago – just seems it. Now Valentine's Day is being forced down our throats already.
  26. . . . Me, I'll take a Whitman's Sampler.
  27. Starbucks employees are called baristas and attend coffee school, "where the art of coffee preparation is mastered." It's written on their cups.
  28. They say one of the reasons the Academy Awards are on Sunday this year (March 21) instead of the normal Monday is because the traffic in LA is better on Sundays than Mondays.
  29. CAN'T WAIT . . . For actor Chazz Palminerti's (Hurlyburly) movie to come out about Dion, 1950s/60s music star. To be called The Wanderer, after Dion DiMucci's 1963 record hit. Both are from the Bronx up in New York and Palminteri's writing and planning to direct.
  30. Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber looked beachy danced barefoot at their wedding reception back in May.
  31. Lesley Stahl calls her mother every day.
  32. The more I look at it, that picture does look like George Stephanopoulos, but a little elongated.
  33. What is the thin red line?
  34. UH ... Hot Line – The Sylvers, on Capitol from 1976.



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