January 23, 2012



  1. ...In an interview with ABC Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross (no one to be fooled with) just days before last Thursday’s South Carolina debate, one of Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s former wives Marianne (he has two), related this regarding controversial news about his personal life.
  2. ...“I said to him ‘Newt, we’ve been married a long time. And he said,’ “Yes, but you want me all to yourself. Callista doesn’t’ care what I do.’”
  3. ...(I guess he thinks there’s a lot of him to share (Sharing You-Bobby Vee, on Liberty Records, 1962); he is portly.
  4. ...Must be good in bed?
  5. ...He’s frank and says what’s on his mind, doesn’t mince words.
  6. ...(What, did he think he was Warren Jeffs (FLDS/Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints) or somebody out in Utah who had a reported 80 wives?)
  7. ...Did he want to join the swinger set?
  8. ...Sounds like a stud.
  9. ...Callista seems like she’s pretty liberal whereas Newt’s politics are not. Good combination?
  10. ...TO CONTINUE WITH THE INTERVIEW ...with the ex:“What was he saying to you?” queried Ross, wanting to get the story straight.
  11. ...“He was asking to have an open marriage and I refused,” stated Marianne revealingly.
  12. ...ROSS: “He wanted an open marriage?”
  13. ...FORMER MRS. GINGRICH: “That I accept the fact that he, he has somebody else in his life, she said matter-of-factly.”
  14. ...ROSS: “And you said?”
  15. ...GINGRICH: “No, no that is not a marriage,” she concluded.
  16. ...Good for her; she’s got principles.
  17. ...She wanted her man to herself, no sloppy seconds.
  18. ...LATER: During the debate, Gingrich irritatingly claimed the story was false.
  19. ...The next day Marianne said it was true again.
  20. ...He say, she say.
  21. ...Ex-Wives Club?
  22. ...Sounds like a reality show.
  24. ...Speaking of bed (see #4 above) ...On Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace asked, at the end of his interview with Mitt Romney and citing the candidate’s loss to Gingrich in South Carolina and the speculation that if Romney had won the state that he would have the election wrapped up...
  25. ...“When you and Mrs. Romney (Ann) went to bed last night, what did you say to each other? I mean, it’s got to have hurt.”
  26. ...Romney said, “No, hurt isn’t what comes to mind,” and went on to say the race is a long battle and blah, blah, blah.
  27. ...He didn’t’ elaborate or let Wallace get into their marriage to reveal pillow talk. (Pillow Talk-Sylvia (Robinson), on Vibraton Records, 1973.)
  28. ...The question was invasive.
  29. ...Maybe next week with Ron Paul, Wallace can conduct his interview in bed with his wife Carol. They could get all snugly.
  30. ...I sorta have Newt Gingrich hair. Does that make me a politician?
  31. ...Good God, I hope not.
  32. ASKING. Can we just fast-forward to November and have the election already and not go through the campaigns listening to all the specuation and the blowhards perpetuating it for another 10 months?
  33. ...ON TO OTHER THINGS . . .
  34. When Madonna was asked in an interview with ABC’s Cynthia McFadden for 20/20 what she thought about Lady Gaga’s song, ‘Born This Way,” and whether it was a rip-off of her 1989 single, “Express Yourself,” she said ...
  35. ...“When I heard it on the radio I said that sounds familiar. It feels reductive.”
  36. ...When asked by McFadden about her use of the word “reductive,” Madonna said fliply, “Look it up.”
  37. ...Good comeback. McFadden’s a correspondent and anchor; she oughta have a good vocabulary.
  38. ...FYI:Reductive” comes from “reduction” which means reduced (obviously), lessened to simple terms or something like that.
  39. ...Guess the Material Girl told her.
  40. ...UNBELIEVABLE DOWNFALL. Would somebody explain to me how a company like Eastman Kodak comes to filing bankruptcy?
  41. ...After all those years of being the premier leader in photography for most of the 20th century and part of the lexicon (sorry to exaggerate) of American life?
  42. (Times of Your Life-Paul Anka, 1975, on United Artists Records), adopted by the fim company for a famous ad campaign.
  43. ...All the money they made, now this?
  44. ...How didn’t they have the common sense and foresight to “embrace the digital revolution,” as one report described it?
  45. ...Another Chapter 11.
  46. ...Hope they regroup.
  47. CURTAIL. Would someone tell Michelle Kosinski of NBC to stop all the drama in her scripts?
  48. ...She’s been in Italy covering the sinking of that cruise ship, the Costa Concordia.
  49. ...She sounds non-objective, upset at what happened and non-neutral.
  50. ...The emotional pauses, the emphasizing of the tragedy, the accented words, the blame, her sternness at the end of her reports.
  51. ...What an actress and concermed journalist.
  52. ...Reign her in.
  53. ...ODD. The Costa Concordia disaster happening just when “Titanic 3D”is coming out (April 6).
  54. ...Many compared what happened aboard the Concordia to the RMS Titanic in 1912. Water gushing, passengers scrambling for life boats.
  55. ...Eerie juxtaposition with today’s news..
  56. OBSERVED. Dustin Hoffman has the look of singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen in that HBO TVseries, “Luck,” in which he plays a just out-of-prison gangster getting back to business at the racetrack.
  57. LOOSEY GUY. In the new book, “The Real Romney,” by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, the authors assert that the candidate has a “zany side.”
  58. ...“Fellow church members ... described him getting up at a meeting and delivering a credible rendering of Michael Jackson’sBillie Jean,” complete with moon walking.
  59. ...Imagine that.
  60. ...It’s hard to.
  61. HIGH-ENERGY AD.I’m Feelin’ Subway.” It sounds to me like a takeoff on “Raise Your Glass,” the Glee Cast Version, and the same one that Entertainment Tonight’s Mark Steines lip-synched and danced to for the Mary Hart goodbye.
  62. ...The Subway song sounds auto-tuned, meaning it sounds like the vocals are coming out of a processor/synthesizer-type thng.
  63. When Piers Morgan reached across the desk to kiss Rosie O’Donnell’s hand last week she said, “I’m hetero now, do that again.”
  64. ...Agan, the power of Piers.
  65. ...By the way se wants to change his show a bit for its second year, by making it more him and bringing out his personality.
  66. ...He wants to make it more provocative and opinionated.
  67. ...That’s just what we need more of in prime-time cable, NOT.
  68. ...Everybday’s partisan.
  69. PITCHMAN. First it was Garlique, now it’s BreathGemz for Larry King. The talk show host is now often on cable in a mini-informercial along with his wife Shawn, pitching the breath freshener.
  70. ...There’s a “Dr.Anthony Dailley, D.D.S. in it who attests to its effectiveness.
  71. ...The couple visits their favorite restaurant, Cosmos Grill, in L.A. for testimonials.
  72. ...“Even when I’m with clients, I’ll eat garlic, I’ll eat onions. I trust my breath to BreathGems,” tells a diner to Shawn.
  73.  ...It’s “The Mint (They left out the hypen) Coated Capsule ...You Swallow.”
  74. ...BreathGems.com or 800-447-1557.
  75. ...“Having fresh breath is a very important thing to me,” says Larry.
  76. ...“And me,” Shawn says, including herself.
  77. NEW (to me):A Democratic strategist (how many of them are there, both parties?), who is also a CPA and a former congressional aide by the name of Krystal Ball-yes, tis true-was on Martin Bashir’safternoon MSNBC show one day last week talking about Romney.
  78. ...And I thought my name was a bit much.
  79. ...Word is that her father Edward Ball, a physicist who did his dissertation on crystals, named her Krystal because of that.
  80. ...Boy, he sounds smart. How relevant.
  81. MOVIE SHORTS: “THE IRON LADY,” with Meryl Streep. Great acting and almost an exact replica of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990), Streep delivers.
  82. ...She’s amazing and believable and doesn’t showboat.
  83. ...Many flashbacks which show her starting out; rising in the noisy and male-dominated politics of Parliament and her retirement years, recalling it all while dealing with old age and health problems.
  84. ...The movie is Streep’s.
  85. ...The rest of it just travels chronologically through the history of her tenure. There’s a good supporting cast but they’re minor in the overall film.
  86. ...Actual news footage is used in many of the historical stories covered, including the Falkland Islands invasion, which shows her determination to defend despite heavy opposition.
  87. ...“WAR HORSE.” Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the popular book (it’s also a Broadway play) about a horse bought at auction by a high-bidding, war-injured former British farmer named Ted Narracott, who brings it home to Devon, England to turn it into a plow horse.
  88. ...The father is now broke for spending so much on the stallion.
  89. ...It’s World War I and with it comes hard times and the father sells the horse to serve in the British calvary.
  90. ...The movie relates the journey of the horse and its many experiences along the way (over-simplified) set against the backdrop of the war.
  91. ...Spielberg ramps up the emotion and sentimentality with the John Williams soundtrack and heart-tugging scenes but if you’re in the mood for it, it’s okay.
  92. ...Very well done with the beauty of the land contrasted with the hazards of war and the longing and attachment of a young English boy for his horse.
  93. ...UH ...Hitch It to the Horse-The Fantastic Johnny C-On Phil-L.A. of Soul Records, 1968.



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