January 26, 2003


  1. . . . But it's only a dusting. The hell with that. I want a blizzard. Can somebody do something about that? Thank you.
  2. . . . And that "wind chill factor..." Just tell me the temperature and be done with it. Figuring out that is as complicated as what Celsius is to Fahrenheit.
  3. Does anybody think No Doubt's Gwen Stefani wears a little too much makeup?
  4. REFRESHING CHANGE. The movie, Nicholas Nickleby is. Nice to see a film that has a story and good dialogue and no shoot-em-ups and special effects. An English period piece.
  5. Why does that Joe Millionaire (Evan Marriott) guy always have his wet or freshly moussed hair just hanging down like that? He needs to comb it back or cut it. He did for his underwear adds.
  6. CBS Newsman Bob Schieffer has a new book out: This Just In: What I Couldn't Tell You on TV (Putnam). It's a story-behind-the-story account of his 40 some years as a journalist He was on washingtonpost.com's Live Online Friday and related his story of being the first one to interview Lee Harvey Oswald's (JFK assassin) mother . Much more inside.
  7. DIDN'T KNOW. Jerry O'Connell, currently starring in Kangaroo Jack and on TV's Crossing Jordan, was the overweight kid in the coming-of-age movie, Stand By Me. He sure wound up losing a lot of weight. (He's also been in Scream 2 and Jerry Maguire.)
  8. Fox has a new reality series coming on Mondays called Bridezillas. Surprising?
  9. Is chili spelled with one l or two?
  10. $$$. Tom Brokaw reported on NBC Nightly News last week that Bill Clinton made more than $9 million in speaking fees in 2001.
  11. Mika Brzezinski subbed for Russ Mitchell on this weekend's CBS Early Show. She used to be with MSNBC. Her father is none other than Zbigniew himself.
  12. The Humane Society's Pet Fest, held last weekend at the MCI Center in Washington, was a hoot. The dogs ran an elaborate obstacle course, jumped for Frisbees and really entertained the crowd. Some of their names were Ear Muff (there were two), Gulliver, Raggedy Andy, Candy and Pork Chop, a bull dog who did a pretty good job but went at his own pace. Lotta laughs.
  13. HEAVY MOVIE. The Hours is, but there's good acting and directing. Stories of three women craftily woven together, living in different eras. Very serious. Literary with Nicole Kidman (Virginia Woolf); a life stifled with Julianne Moore, and contemporary with Meryl Streep. Book author Michael Cunningham was pleased with how the movie turned out and that's not usually the case with writers and Hollywood.
  14. American Idol's really getting the viewers. Something like 25 million on its first show this second time around. They showed many tryouts from different cities. But the judges - and not just Simon Cowell now - seem downright cruel to the contenders. Some of it's just nasty and uncalled for. It's just kids who want a break.
  15. . . . And could judge Simon Cowell wear something other than a T-shirt?
  16. Friday's Washington Post and New York Times each had the same front-page picture, taken by Vasna Wilson of the Virginian Pilot. It showed a man named Don Crigger and his dog, Tucker, walking on frigid, snow-covered Virginia Beach. Odd seeing the beach like that.
  17. Bay Buchanan subbed Friday for brother Pat on CNN's Buchanan & Press talk show. Are they the same person? They look so much alike. Mr. Big Stuff thought it was Pat in a wig. He could use some of sis's hair.
  18. CLEAN CUT. It looked like Tom Ridge, the new Homeland Security chief, got a fresh haircut for his press conference Friday. No hair over his ears.
  19. So now President Bush is telling Iraqi soldiers not to follow Saddam Hussein's orders. Well how realistic is that?
  20. . . . And now Saddam Hussein's oldest son Uday is threatening the U.S. with something more serious than 9/11 if we go to war. Did Daddy give sonny boy permission to say that?
  21. CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND. Cool movie about game show creator Chuck Barris (The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game) and TV host (The Gong Show). Sam Rockwell plays the quirky character that leads a double life. (The other half is a CIA-type who kills people.) The TV business part of the flick looks pretty authentic and the rest of it - the subterfuge - works. George Clooney is a good director and he's got a part in the movie too. Also in it are Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts and Rutger Hauer.
  22. . . . "Confessions of ... the way life used to be." Uh, I mean, Reflections of ...
  23. Dame Edna (now at Washington's National Theatre) is in the movie, Nicholas Nickleby. She plays thespian Nathan Lane's wife.
  24. White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card is on Meet the Press and Face the Nation at the same time. Is it live or is it Memorex? And he was on Fox News Sunday earlier. It mainly happens with administration people. They want to get their message out. The shows are pawns. The guests are all the same and what they say is all the same.
  25. American Idol judge Simon Cowell told Diane Sawyer last week that this was his last Idol and that he was going over to Star Search. Who needs him?
  26. . . . AND NOTICED. Cowell was a little intimidated by Diane. He said it was her eyes and she seemed to demure. It was a bit of a flirtation moment going on, I thought.
  27. Deceased Bee Gee Maurice Gibb was once married (1969-1973) to British pop singer Lulu (To Sir With Love). And the surviving brothers Robin and Barry will no longer use the Bee Gee name, though they'll continue to perform.
  28. Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, is typical of her geographical origin (Atlanta) and owner Sally says she acts like a southern belle. She's also headstrong and leads Sally around instead of vice versa.
  29. GOOD TO SEE . . . Kyle Osborne on Channel 7 doing the weather in the mornings last week. He's experienced and from sister station Newschannel 8. Now that the news operations have merged they're using some on-air talent interchangeably.
  30. Dr. Phil weighs 230 pounds.
  31. Shania Twain sports a naval-bearing, micro-mini-skirted, knotted T-shirt, fishnet stocking-look on the cover of Rolling Stone. In the interview, she says, "I'm just a singer. I just happen to have cheekbones that look good in photographs."
  32. Hopefully the new Kennedy Center design will make the damn place easier to get to.
  33. UH . . . Get Here - Oleta Adams, on Fontana. From 1991.

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