July 24, 2001


  1. . . . Instead of sitting down. CNN's doing it. NBC Nightly's been doing it. MSNBC anchors wander a bit. Fox News Channel does it. Peter Jennings stools it sometimes. Rather walks and stands for Eye on America. Good article on anchor movement in Monday's LA Times by Elizabeth Jensen.
  2. . . . Guess they need the exercise.
  3. The new TV Guide has Planet of the Apes on the cover. Is that gonna be on TV? I thought it was gonna be at the movies first.
  4. The AARP used to be known as the American Association of Retired Persons. They don't say that anymore. I guess older people are younger now. That's at least the image.
  5. INTERESTING: An anaconda mother snake gave birth to 22 babies last Thursday at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. I'd hate to be that zookeeper. Maybe they should do a reality show out there.
  6. A lot of critics and writers are talking about rat-free TV.
  7. Mr. Big Stuff says soon we might be calling him Gary Convict.
  8. HOOKA CHOOKA. That Blue Swede version of Hooked On A Feeling leads off an oldies package we're hearing all over TV. They did that cover of B J. Thomas' 1968 hit back in '74.
  9. RIVALRY AT NBC? Is Campbell Brown jealous of Norah O'Donnell? GQ has a write-up on the latter. She wants to be Tim Russert.
  10. NOTICED AND UNUSUAL: Gary Condit walking to the Capitol last week on a rainy day with his jacket on. Guess the raindrops would make his shirt too wet.
  11. . . . His hair thing was still going on though.
  12. Al Roker's beard is a bit speckled. Like it? THIS JUST IN: Gone now. Clean-shaven again.
  13. Would somebody shut George Michael up? Does he have to shout everything?
  14. Washington Post movie critic Desson Howe said this on his Live Online/Behind the Screen internet discussion program last Monday, "See you all in a fortnight." He's British and that means two weeks. He'll be on vacation. Thanks. I was never sure exactly how long a fortnight was.
  15. That blue fairy thing in A.I. was ridiculous. Big trouble with that movie was there was no payoff. Too simple and childish or something.
  16. COMING NEXT YEAR: ABC's Roone Arledge's autobiography. It's taken three years and three collaborators. He's got a story to tell.
  17. They advertise Lexus as "The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection." Say that three times.
  18. FBI profiler Gregg McCrary talked about stranger danger in the Chandra Levy case on Meet the Press last Sunday.
  19. The new CNN Headline News debuts Monday, August 6. They say it's gonna be "real news, real fast." One-liners? Get the comedians out.
  20. Potomac Video in Washington's Cleveland Park neighborhood likes to do picture photo collages. Their latest is done by Bekah of actress Julia Stiles. They love her up there, at least store manager Vas does.
  21. GREAT NAME: Major Garrett. A CNN news correspondent.
  22. To the HANDHELD GENERATION, texting is bigger and better than calling on the phone.
  23. Someone said after hearing Anne Marie Smith's Imus interview that she didn't sound "like the sharpest knife in the drawer."
  24. As only she could, the Today show's Ann Curry referred to Judy Collins' performance of Both Sides Now as the "voice of an angel." Gimme a Break!
  25. . . . And how many times has she sung that song? But it is true, she is great and she's got some crop of hair. Seems (word to come later). Add it here.
  26. The Firestone CEO John Lampe sounds exactly like Kenny Rogers.
  27. SPAIN: You run with ze bulls, youze get gored.
  28. USA TODAY FACT: The cost of raising an upper income kid born in 2000 is calculated to be $241,770, according to a federal study. That for a 17 year period for food, shelter and other necessities.
  29. QUOTE: "She had the guts of a burglar." Leonard Downie Jr. , Washington Post executive editor, on Katharine Graham.
  30. A 411 operator asked me what state Nashville was in.
  31. Robert Hanssen and Denise Rich look alike.
  32. Don't die, George Harrison.
  33. UNIMPRESSIVE. CNN's First Evening News with Bill Hemmer. And all those world clocks on that red angled wall look silly. Round clocks are old timey and old concepty now.
  34. Donna Summer was on Hollywood Squares. Hair's lighter.
  35. Gary Condit's last name is not Condominium.
  36. UH . . . What's Your Name-Don & Juan on Big Top, from 1962. Shoo Be Doo Wop Ba Dah.



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