July 27, 2010


  1. . . . That seems to be the new word people are using during the nationwide heat wave we're having.
  2. . . . Whatever happened to just saying "I'm thirsty and I'm drinking more fluids"? "Rehydrating" sounds too scientific to me, a big word for something simple. A term that health pundits on TV morning shows came up with or something.
  3. . . . Too overly serious a term. To hear someone say it makes the person sound pompous. Quit being so highfalutin about something as simple as drinking more water.
  4. . . . On ABC's Sunday version of GMA a couple weeks ago - that's how long it's been hot - co-host Bianna Golodryga said, "It was so hot I had to put my hair up."
  5. . . . (And fill-in co-host Dan Harris said it "looked great.") (Sexist remark?)
  6. . . . They looked cute on-set together.
  7. Is anyone as sick as I am of seeing Dr. Drew Pinsky on TV commenting about Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson and every other celebrity who has a misstep in life? He's practically frothing at the mouth to get the latest Hollywood star into rehab and talk about it on TV.
  8. . . . People's problems should be private and between doctor and patient and not become soundbites on TV shows.
  9. . . . Isn't there some code about confidentiality between doctor and patient?
  10. . . . I'd say he violates that.
  11. GONE VIRAL. Those Old Spice commercials ("Smell Like a Man, Man") for their body wash product (Deck Scrubber) with actor and former wide receiver in the NFL, Isaiah Mustafa, have become the talk of the Internet (YouTube) and social media sites Twitter and Facebook. The brilliant campaign, thought up by ad firm Wieden & Kennedy out of Portland, Ore., drew more than 13 million "page views" for the first commercial and more than 6.2 million since June 29 for the second one.
  12. . . . A how it-was-made video has drawn over a million viewers plus the brand invited people to send in their own homemade videos to which the actor responded.
  13. . . . The guy is funny in a self-deprecating kind of way and the commercials appeal more to women who might buy the product for their significant others than to men per se.
  14. Would somebody tell late-night host Jimmy Fallon to stop wearing his suits so tight? I know it's the style now - tighter cut, narrower legs, double flap in the back, that "modern fit" - but on Fallon it looks like the suit's too small. He looks like he's in a Pee-wee Herman suit.
  15. . . . Here comes a RANT:
  16. . . . These men's designers . . . What gives them the right? We're the ones that have to wear that dumb crap they design.
  17. . . . And whatever happened to finding jeans - or for that matter any pant – that sits on the waist like they used to - and not "just below the waist? Who devised that one up? Most guys don't like that; women wear their pants that way, not men. You're always wanting to pull those pants up for riding so low; they don't feel right down there.
  18. . . . And another thing with the way "modern fit" feels on you: The fly is too high and it doesn't make for a good experience when you have to go to the bathroom (#1). A man's privates are not that high, for crissakes.
  19. . . . Fire all those stupid New York and European designers and get some all Americans in there who know how to make clothes that fit properly. We don't care about the sexy look. That's for the dames.
  20. It's been reported that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, who have gotten back together again, will not have sex before marriage. (As you might remember, Bristol became a single teen mom while engaged the first time around (2009) to boyfriend Levi, and then they broke up.)
  21. . . . This "no sex" policy is probably due to the daughter of Sarah Palin's abstinence campaign which she promotes through the Candie's Foundation.
  22. . . . Now some people are wondering if Bristol may be pregnant again and that that's the reason why they're planning on getting married again.
  23. . . . That, definitely, would be bad PR. Two shotguns wouldn't look/sound good.
  24. BAREFOOT BANDIT NOT BAREFOOT. When Colton Harris-Moore, the 19-year-old who stole airplanes and led police on a nine states and Canada manhunt , stepped off the plane at Miami International Airport. He was wearing high-top athletic shoes.
  25. . . . Maybe the tarmac was too hot for the bare foot look.
  26. Someone left a roll of toilet paper on the corner of a co-worker of mine's desk after a weekend and he has been pondering the possible meaning of it. (The brand name was Tork Advanced (what, no Charmin Extra Strong?).
  27. . . . Maybe it's because someone thinks he's full'a crap. Ha Ha Ha.
  28. All I could think of during the World Cup whenever they showed Paul the Octopus was the Beatles's "Octopus's Garden," written by Ringo Starr and on the group's Abbey Road album (1969).
  29. . . . Even though Paul predicted the winner (Spain), I still liked Mani, the parakeet from Singapore, even though he was wrong with choosing the Netherlands.
  30. . . . Mani was cuter than Paul, cuddlier.
  31. NO TIE REQUIRED. That, I guess, is the "door policy" of the John King USA show on CNN (7 p.m. weeknights).
  32. . . . Host King doesn't wear a tie and has the top button of his dress shirt unbuttoned and the male guests on the show seem to be following suit. Erick Erickson, a CNN contributor, who was King's guest in a segment discussing the GOP and cutting spending last week, appeared sans tie.
  33. . . . James Carville has appeared tie-less on the show.
  34. . . . (Sometimes King and a guest (or guests) sit down in big comfy-looking red chairs, another example of how less stiff and comfortable the show tries to be.)
  35. . . . But Anita Dunn, the former Obama White House communications director and now a Democratic strategist, was dressed the normal way a "news" woman would be on TV: blue dress and pearls around her neck - no casualness there, proper attire instead.
  36. . . . The policy seems unequal.
  37. . . . The show's not doing too well in the ratings. They say little things mean a lot. Maybe if the men put their ties back on it would improve things.
  38. A little TV blurb in the New York Post said that Bethenny Frankel of the The Real Housewives of New York and now Bethenny Getting Married, stated this: "Bethenny let cameras film her pee in a bucket before walking down the aisle on 'BGM.' This week she actually brings cameras with her on the honeymoon. How romantic."
  39. . . . Is this true? Did this happen? How much trashier and bad-tastier can TV get, for God's sake?
  40. It was reported that Bill Clinton officiated at the marriage of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) and Huma Abedin a couple weeks ago on Long Island. (She was a longtime personal aide to Hillary Clinton.)
  41. . . . Since when did Bill Clinton become a justice of the peace? Is he the son of a preacher man? What does officiate actually mean in this case?
  42. . . . According to The New York Times, Matt McKenna, a Clinton spokesman, told the AP that he was "authorized" to do so but would not elaborate. And groom Weiner refused to comment.
  43. . . . Why the mystery? Somebody find out and report back to me please.
  44. It was announced on Mediabistro, a Web site devoted to media coverage and news, that ESPN reporter (and former Dancing With the Stars contestant) Erin Andrews had signed a new deal in which she would also become a regular contributor to 'Good Morning America' on ESPN "sister network" ABC.
  45. . . . "Sister network"? You gotta be kidding. It's the other way around fellas. ABC existed long, long before ESPN ever came to light (try 1943 vs. 1979) and has much more status and history than the Entertainment Sports Programming Network.
  46. A SIMPLE 'TWEET' COST HER HER JOB. Using Twitter, the social media and microblogging service that allows people to post messages of up to 140 characters on the Internet, CNN editor Octavia Nasr published a message on a Sunday saying that she respected the Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, after he died.
  47. . . . Nasr followed up her remarks with an apology on Tuesday, explaining that she was sorry and elaborated on what she had originally posted.
  48. . . . Immediate controversy, fired by Wednesday. CNN said Nasr had made an error of judgment that did not meet their editorial standards.
  49. . . . Nasr appeared on the air many times during crises in Iran and other areas of the Middle East and I thought she was quite good as an analyst.
  50. . . . Some say her removal was too hasty and that the network buckled under pressure.
  51. . . . You've really got to watch what you say now; everybody's watching, waiting, tweeting, posting, listening, friending. If you say something bad you don't stand a chance now.
  52. . . . A lifelong career can be gone in Internet seconds.
  53. ANOTHER DUMB THING TO SAY ON-CAMERA. Luke Russert, fortunate son of the late Tim Russert of NBC and Meet the Press, was "live" on Capitol Hill last Friday talking to anchorman Chuck Todd on his MSNBC cable talk show. They were both discussing Charles Rangel and the trouble the New York Democratic congressman is in. When Todd wrapped up the two-way and said thanks, Russert replied, "Be well."
  54. . . . Be well? What's that mean? Is Todd sick? Does young Tim use that signoff every time he does a live shot? Is he still developing his on-air style? Or is that something young Tim's (he's not even 25) generation says every time he tweets or something?
  55. . . . Put a lid on it.
  56. HAIR NEWS. Rob Marciano, meteorologist and sometime reporter for CNN, is starting to look like a wild man. He's been down in the gulf a lot lately, really working the story and has a special coming up called Rescuing the Gulf. His hair is unkempt and he always has more than a couple days growth on his face, looks grubby, but gives the impression that he's helping the locals and dedicated to the story and a total outdoor man who doesn't care how he looks.
  57. . . . I think he's taking a page out of the Anderson Cooper Young Stud Textbook on how to look really involved in a story and stand up for a tragedy and its victims-type thing.
  58. . . . And David Gregory, the silver fox of NBC and Meet the Press, is practically no longer gray. It's mostly light brown now. He wants that youthful glow back, I guess.
  59. . . . God forbid TV news producers would want to put anyone on with gray hair. Wouldn't that alienate an audience.
  60. IF I HEAR THAT SONG ONE MORE TIME I'LL . . . Our House, by Talking Heads, used in the current movie, The Kids Are All Right. The song is overused and has been used as a marketing tool for far too many products over the years.
  61. . . . Do us all a favor and retire it; it won't be too soon.
  62. FYI: Someone in a Washington Post online chat said that Zsa Zsa Gabor was formerly married to Paris Hilton's great grandfather, Conrad Hilton, the famous founder of the Hilton Hotel chain. (Later found out that this is true.)
  63. . . . Gabor was, in her early days (she's currently 93 years old), quite a "celebutante" herself, appearing on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson and many other talk and variety shows as well as starring in many films.
  64. ELVIS AUCTION. Coming up Aug. 12 in Chicago, an auction of instruments and other things used in the autopsy of the rock 'n' roll icon. Items included: A "John Doe" toe tag, rubber gloves, forceps, a comb, eye liner, the coffin invoice and a hangar used to hold Presley's burial suit.
  65. . . . The items were saved by the senior embalmer at the Memphis Funeral Home, which prepared the singer's body.
  66. . . . I guess he knew a story when he saw one.
  67. Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, was slapped on the butt by house guest Kristen Jenkins when owner Sally and she took the dog for a walk after they went to see the movie Grown Ups. It was late at night and Hanalie was doing too much sniffing along the way. Le Le doesn't like to be rushed and protested by being obstinate and cranky.
  68. PREPOSTEROUS. That's what my reaction was to Salt, the Angelina Jolie movie out now. A totally mindless, unbelievable spy thriller/chase movie that people flocked to this past weekend and wound up disappointed as they walked out of the movie theaters. Not one thing in it rang true or believable.
  69. . . . Full of stunts and guns and car chases and Russian bad guys and bumbling FBI and CIA agents.
  70. . . . There's nothing Evelyn Salt can't do or any place she can't get into. She's a one-person lethal force.
  71. . . . And the big question is, is she a Russian spy or not? The typical CIA - KGB-type conundrum depicted in yet another movie - totally unoriginal.
  72. . . . Jolie looks pretty good in the film but the long blonde hair/wig does seem a bit forced and not likely.
  73. Chelsea Clinton's getting married next Saturday. When I pointed out a picture of her in the New York Post and asked my female friend what she thought she said, "She's not as ugly as she used to be." Nice.
  74. Tween singer Justin Bieber's hairstyle is catching on. In the preview for the upcoming Green Hornet movie one of the main characters has that same 'do, Jay Chou, who plays the Kato character.
  75. . . . It's mop top-ish like the Beatles were but the twist is that it's got the hair swooped/swept over to the right, seems forced, and Rihanna-ish.
  76. . . . I'm sure he'll grow out of it.
  77. . . . Why Do Kids Grow Up - Randy & The Rainbows, on Rust Records, 1963.



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