June 15, 2003


  1. . . . When, for crissakes?
  2. Scott Peterson's got a good hairline. He'll never go bald. Unless he does in prison.
  3. The Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes (The TV Column) said this about reality shows: "Anyone who would go on these shows is several sandwiches short of a picnic." Ha Ha Ha.
  4. Dick Clark is a "longtime owner" of a Tempur-Pedic Weightless Comfort Bed. It supposedly "molds itself to your every curve, defies gravity and neutralizes pressure points," say the magazine ads (AARP, of course). They say it's the only mattress recognized by NASA.
  5. . . . Fly me to the moon . . .
  6. ABC's Bob Woodruff recently attended his 20th year (Class of 83/Colgate University) class reunion. So how old is he now?
  7. Rudy Giuliani's former wife, Donna Hanover, was on Law and Order a couple weeks ago.
  8. WINGED MIGRATION. Beautiful film. You felt like you were flying right beside those birds. It's amazing the distance they travel two times a year and they go the same route every time. How they got the cameras to record all that plus their habitat places is pretty amazing. Super nature film.
  9. McDonald's is describing some of its menu items as "bizarre but yummy." Like the new McGriddle sandwich. It's a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on two-syrup-flavored waffles instead of the standard English muffin. It does sound a little weird. Does the syrup pop out when you bite into it? That could be a mess.
  10. DAVID BRINKLEY. "The ABC Television Network mourns the passing of David Brinkley. Journalist. Pioneer. Friend." That ran several times on ABC last week. We'll have more on David Brinkley in an upcoming special Random Thought. Or, as he would say on his TV show, "In a moment "
  11. A family counselor who was interviewed on the Saturday Early Show on CBS had an aquarium behind him as the background. Little fishies swimming around. And the co-host who was interviewing him had one too, but further back. Reminded me of Finding Nemo.
  12. FINDING NEMO. Terrific movie. Lots of fun. Not just for kids. Pixar animation is something else. Their contract deal with Disney is running out. Big question is whether they'll renew or shop around.
  13. Every weekend I see a mustachioed white-haired older man who looks like Einstein standing outside the Today show in New York. He always gets on camera and sorta points his finger. Is he famous, a celebrity lookalike?
  14. . . . Steve Winwood was the musical guest outside on the plaza and he still sounds great and had a good band with him. He sang Gimme Some Lovin' and it still rawked, as they say.
  15. MORMON CRICKETS . . . Are marching across the West. The six-legged "munching monsters," as NBC's Shellee Smith desribed them, are eating all the crops and causing hazardous driving conditions on the roads when they get splatted by motorists. It gets slippery. They're like black ice.
  16. Martha Stewart commercials are back to running on TV. I just saw one for her Signature Furniture line.
  17. Diane Sawyer used some "spray on tan" product on her leg the other day on Good Morning America. She pulled up her pant and went to work. She had it handy because of the lack of sun we've all been having.
  18. So now Carnie Wilson's gonna pose for Playboy. She's a long-haired blond now. Playboy's got the girl from Survivor too. And Trista Rehn, the Bachelorette, is posing for the second time for Maxim, that tasteful men's mag. This time she's on a bed with skimpy underwear. Her first Maxim appearance was a "topless pictorial spread."
  19. Is Banana Republic just for women now? All the ads show women ... carrying each other piggyback, playing croquet, wearing slips. It's very woman-ish. Where's the men's stuff?
  20. MENTAL SOFTWARE? That's a term prosecutor Wendy Murphy used on CNN in describing jury pool contamination and what would need to be changed on the part of the public in the search for jurors for the Laci Peterson case. Whatever.
  21. Actor Adrien Brody (The Pianist) looks like k.d. lang.
  22. Now Bill Clinton wants to be known as William Jefferson Clinton. Like Hillary Rodham Clinton?
  23. It rained every day in May except three. Wasn't that great?
  24. Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, wears Summer Romance. Owner Sally sprays it on her after her bath.
  25. Hugh Jackman did a good job hosting the Tonys. Thank God he didn't wear those stupid hair extensions. He can sing too.
  26. Will they find evidence of water on Mars? The first of two land rovers (Spirit) just blasted off on a rocket voyage to the red planet that'll take seven months.
  27. Will Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones or Gennifer Flowers be reading Hillary's book?
  28. CNN spelled monkeypox, moneypox, on the screen one day last week but the next time they used it it was corrected. Fire the Chyron operator. (Electronic lettering)
  29. Larry King had the "First live interview" with Hillary Rodham Clinton. Barbara Walters and Katie Couric's were only taped. Was Larry's any better? Is she better live?
  30. Bernadette Peters didn't sound all that good singing Rose's Turn from Gypsy on the Tonys. She's no Ethel Merman. And she didn't win either.
  31. Isn't it time for Justin Guarini, former American Idol runner-up, to get rid of the clown hair?
  32. Do we like the Bruce Willis shaved head? Do we like the hats? Do we like the hair pieces?
  33. So Soledad O'Brien's going to CNN's American Morning. Now the weekend Today show needs two new anchors. And NBC needs a new Jane Pauley too for Dateline.
  34. . . . So Pauley will have her own talk show. I thought she was ready to retire. You can't believe anything that comes out of the mouths of these people. A talk show? The way they are now? Jane Pauley? Can't see it. Before you know it, she'll be doing trash TV to get the ratings.
  35. Actor Colin Farrell plays a gay man in an upcoming movie - A Home at the End of the World - and is seen in a picture in the Enquirer wearing a ridiculous long-haired dark wig. They put better hair on mannequins.
  36. McDonald's new theme starting in the fall will be "I'm lovin' it." It'll run for two years, be used globally and will replace the current "Smile" campaign. They spend $1.5 billion in advertising a year worldwide. Think this'll fix the broken milkshake machine at the one in my neighborhood?
  37. Reports say singer Luther Vandross is out of intensive care and is upgraded to stable condition. Lots of people are praying for him.
  38. USA Today made a typo in its story about the Tony winners. They called choreographer Twyla Tharp, Twyla Twarp. Well, it is a hard one to say.
  39. NO Spike TV. Cable channel TNN can't call themselves Spike TV. A temporary injunction was granted in favor of filmmaker Spike Lee who said the male-oriented channel infringed on his name and persona. But he's not the only Spike out there. There's another director called Spike Jonze and the main character in Rugrats Go Wild, voiced by Bruce Willis, is named Spike. They're not complaining.
  40. Mr. Big Stuff said, "Summer's almost over and it's almost the 4th of July." Please don't let this be true.
  41. UH . . . Be True To Your School - The Beach Boys, on Capitol. 1963. That TV movie about them was just replayed over the weekend. It was good.



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