March 24, 1999


  1. . . . That song's selling Mazdas now. Billy Ocean, the Caribbean Queen guy, did it in 1988. (Whatever happened to him? He had a raft of hits.)
  2. . . . Everything comes back.
  3. GOOD ARTICLE. In Vanity Fair, by Sam Staggs, on behind-the-scenes personalities and maneuverings surrounding the 1950 flick, All About Eve, the six Oscar-winning movie starring Bette Davis and others, including Marilyn Monroe. Great quotes.
  4. Does Charlie Gibson get tired working both ends of the clock? He's up to do Good Morning America and then fills in for Peter Jennings on World News Tonight. Do they let him take a nap?
  5. Now they're talking "e-generation."
  6. "There was one year I almost lost the whole backyard to crab grass," says a Scotts Turf Builder user. Gee, wouldn't that be heart-breaking?
  7. Actor James Woods' performance and makeup (caked-on) are over-the-top in Clint Eastwood's True Crime movie. He plays an all-knowing newspaper editor who acts like he's on speed all the time. Too hyper.
  8. Michael Douglas is really starting to look like Kirk as he ages.
  9. Now Sears is trying to compete with The Gap in the current khaki ad campaign. Gap's're better done.
  10. BORED? Martha Stewart, currently spending her time counting threads in bed sheets. (She's also counting money – and lots of it.
  11. Mel Gibson pulls out a thug's nose ring in Payback. Ouch.
  13. CBS Sunday Morning featured bald eagles and sea otters in Prince William Sound, where the Exxon Valdez spilled all that oil. Those otters are playful, and they seemed to pay attention to the camera.
  14. QUESTION: When Bob Dole appears on a Sunday talk show, do they have to make sure one of his erectile dysfunction (E.D.) ads doesn't play? They (Pfizer) buy a lot of time in that "prestigious" demographic area.
  15. PBS was really hard-selling Suzie Orman's Courage To Be Rich book, video, and "Financial Freedom Workshop Kit" during another pledge week. That certainly wasn't high-brow.
  16. . . . Courage to be rich?
  17. They say Sandra Bullock's makeup in Forces Of Nature makes her look like Michael Jackson.
  18. They still call Tim Russert moderator of Meet The Press. Boy, that sounds old now. (Lawrence Spivak was that back in the 50s and 60s.)
  19. Most broadcast news networks and cable outlets called it a Presidential News Conference last Friday, but Fox News Channel called it Clinton's News Conference. (Disrespectful?) They like quick things – like Fox Flashes while something else is on the screen.
  20. . . . And MSNBC showed dead bodies in Kosovo while the president was talking. Is that editorializing?
  21. . . . And in the Washington, D.C. area, it was carried on channels 4,5,6,7,8,9, 63, and 64 – at least. Think that's enough?
  22. NEW LOOK: Susan McDougal entering the courthouse without those unsightly handcuffs and foot shackles. (They wouldn't have gone with the white pants suit she was wearing.)
  23. HAD IT WITH . . . Angry coaches. You get out there if you think you can do it better.
  24. They're still running those agonizingly long Six Flags America ads even though somebody died when one of their rides jumped the track and people were penned in to their seats under water.
  25. You can tell spring's coming. They're advertising Roundup weed killer.
  26. Looks like those Transitions eyeglass frame styles are becoming more 90s now. They've scrapped the 70s aviator look.
  27. . . . Pretty soon, we can't say 90s. What'll we say?
  28. Billy Joel's from Levittown.
  29. That new young classical music singer Charlotte Church looks like Katie Couric.
  30. NEW FEATURE. The National Enquirer has started Fast Facts in many of its stories. They're put in a little box within the article and contain additional quick-read information – something like MTV's Pop-Up Video. Copycats.
  31. Vas, the Video Vixen, heard this after the Academy Awards: Between Monica Lewinsky and Kathy Bates, Omar the Tentmaker can retire.
  32. Snow moves fast.
  33. The Jefferson's are big again. FACT: Isabel Sanford, who plays Louise Jefferson, is 81 and Sherman Hemsley (George) is 61. (That's what TV Guide says.)
  34. Ewan McGregor looks like Greg Kinnear in pictures from that new Star Wars movie.
  35. How do Mark McEwen and Jane Robelot feel about the constant speculation on a revamped CBS This Morning? They're never mentioned in the new plans for the show. Granted, it's the press doing the speculating, but nobody from CBS is defending them either. (CBS is rough on people.)
  36. DAN RATHER: "When news breaks, we'll break in." He said that last night to plug their Crisis In Kosovo coverage.
  37. Get ready for the Ricky Martin blitz. He's the guy who knocked 'em out on the Grammy show, and is now recording a duet with Madonna. (He's a former Menudo.)
  38. What the hell's Dennis Rodman gonna do on L.A. Doctors? (Who cares? That show's almost dead anyway. (Who wants to watch Ken Olin? He's like Mandy Patinkin.)
  39. The Practice's Camryn Manheim's got a book out called Wake Up, I'm Fat.
  40. Will Larry Flynt's Flynt Report get much play? Seems like old news already.
  41. Monica Lewinsky preens like Marilyn Monroe did. But she dresses like she's in her forties.
  42. Steve Forbes said, "When we go to wishy-washy-ness, we lose."
  43. I need a lint magnet.
  44. UH . . . All I NeedThe Temptations, on Gordy, from 1967. Great husky-voiced David Ruffin lead.


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