November 11, 2005


  1. . . . Yeah, in that movie Prime with Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg. The way sheís made up and the glasses and clothes, she reminded me of Dustin Hoffman when he was pretending to be a woman. So shoot me.
  2. . . . The movieís light and mildly amusing. Uma looks great and does a good job. Greenberg (of One Tree Hill TV fame) is okay. Meryl ... I wouldnít add it to my best of list.
  3. CBSís "Face the Nation will be 51 years old Monday (Nov. 7)," said host Bob Schieffer in a promo 2-way with Sunday Morningís Charles Osgood. And the showís still just a half-hour long. Theyíve been talking about expanding that show to an hour for years. Hasnít happened.
  4. RUTHLESS BUSINESS. So CNNís Aaron Brown is out and Anderson Cooper is in. Just like that. My mother likes Brown and was wondering how something like that can happen so fast to someone whoís been doing his show for four years. "Theyíre just letting him go, just like that," she asked. Yep.
  5. BAD DECISION. That opening commercial for American Express which featured Ellen DeGeneres that aired on the live West Wing show on Sunday was awful. She went on and on talking gibberish, sitting alone backstage in some TV studio. She needs an audience for her material. For her to do it quietly without anybody around really bombs.
  6. If what I saw was some scenes from the upcoming Peter Jackson remake of King Kong, it looked really fake. I hope thatís not what I saw but it mightíve been. I was really looking forward to it in December. I hope Iím wrong and my hopes arenít dashed.
  7. NBCís Campbell Brown is engaged. They said so on last weekendís Today. She held up her hand to show the ring. They didnít mention who the guy is.
  8. ABCís Jim Avila reminded me of an early day Mike Wallace the way he ambushed a deadbeat dad on 20/20 Friday last. He gave that guy hell.
  9. It looked like rock star Sting had a pigtail hanging down in the back of his head in a pool photo taken of him and his wife Trudie Styler (who heís never without) with the visiting Prince Charles last week in New York at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). I donít know if he had a skirt on too. He sometimes likes to wear one for formal events.
  10. Famous vampire writer Anne Riceís new book (Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt) is about Jesus. Sheís gone to the other side. Maybe she feels sheís written too much about evil and the devil and sex and is afraid of going to hell because of it. Anyway, the book is written in the first person by a seven-year-old who has supernatural powers. Uh ... okay.
  11. Actor/director Mel Gibson looks like the Wild Man of Borneo or Father Time or something. Heís got a full beard with a big gray section of it hanging from his chin. Looks awful. Now heís making another film where the people donít speak English. Itís called Apocalypto (a calypso Apocalypse Now?) and is billed as "an action adventure of mythic proportions" which takes place in Mexico amidst the ancient Mayan culture. Hmmm.
  12. Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, dressed as a Bewitching Ballerina for the Petco Howl-O-Ween contest. She had on a tutu with matching collar and a black witchís hat. About 10 dogs showed up with their owners. They all got their pictures taken. But Lee Lee (nickname) didnít win. The little thing that did was dressed like Zorro, complete in a homemade cape, hat and eye mask.
  13. A VERY SERIOUS STEVE MARTIN. Thatís what you see in Shopgirl, a movie he wrote based on his novella of the same name. Love story, relationships. Claire Danes (Mirabelle) falls for obviously older established businessman Steve Martin (Ray Porter) and at the same time cares for Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman) a ditzy, quirky-acting musician. Danes works the glove counter at a department store and doesnít have much money. Quiet, simple movie. But for Martin in this thing, thereís not a laugh in him.
  14. Could Jennifer Aniston be on any more TV shows, for crissakes. The new movieís coming out (Derailed) and so is she, on Letterman this past Monday night, on GMA with Diane Sawyer for two days, on The View, on Larry King and Conan OíBrien, on Ellen, on the Early Show. Of course, everyone wants her to talk about the split with Brad (Pitt) and how sheís coping and whatís up with her and Vince Vaughn. Sheís mad at Vanity Fair for labeling her a crier which she admitted she did do--briefly--when responding to a question but then she gathered herself together. She thought VF overblew it. They probably did.
  15. . . . Celebrities should just shut up and not talk. Generally, when they open up their mouths they shatter everyoneís dreams about how great they are.
  16. Thereís a new noise coming out of my computer. It sounds like a mechanical being chomping.
  17. A friend of mineís husband cheered and exclaimed, "He finally looks old!" when he saw Warren Beatty in a TV news report from California this week. Beatty did look a little wrinkled and for that matter, so did his wife Annette Bening. My friendís hubby gloats over other peopleís misfortunes. Do you know someone like this?
  18. AARON BROWN. Off the face of the CNN map. Erased from their Web site and it looks like he was never there. NEW SKED: The Situation Room (Wolf Blitzer), 4-6; Lou Dobbs Tonight, 6-7; The Situation Room, 7-8; Paula Zahn Now, 8-9; Larry King, 9-10 and Anderson Cooper 360, 10-12.
  19. BY THE WAY. . . I like it when they use those high chairs, like stools but with arms, in The Situation Room. Wolf (Blitzer) and the guests all look comfy and itís practical because they can take a load off.
  20. Mike Wallace sure didnít dress up for his interview on Marthaís Vineyard with Katie Couric about his new book, Between You and Me: A Memoir, last week. His shirt and pants looked like he grabbed Ďem right out of the dryer. Totally wrinkled. Heís usually so natty but I guess he dresses down when heís on the Vineyard.
  21. . . . Memoirs. Who doesnít write one?
  22. That I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the senior White House official who was indicted, sure scoots around fast on those crutches. He seems in shape. Maybe heís used to running. (Also, his wife Harriet is quite fetching with the sunglasses on and everything. She reminds me of Bianca Jagger.)
  23. Charles and Camilla dined on buffalo last Wednesday night at the White House state dinner in their honor. Whatís that taste like?
  24. . . . "Oh give me a home ..."
  25. Johnny Depp, dressed as Willy Wonka, the candyman, and looking like a transsexual in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is on boxes of Hostess cupcakes that are now called Chocolicous WonkaCakes. Thatís a real sign of success.
  26. CHANGED. Ellen DeGeneresís show, Ellen. Itís full of an endlessly screaming audience now. This second season it has turned into complete hype. Showís full of shtick and seems railroaded along. Segments short. As soon as a guest comes out the producers put up a picture of somebody whoís gonna be on the next day - before she even says hello to that dayís guest. Itís ahead of itself. Itís a wonder now the show doesnít implode.
  27. Sen. Tom Coburn, MD (R-OK) said Sunday on Meet the Press that the Patriot Act should be sunsetted. Thatís a new verb on me. And he said he knows about body language too and thatís why he could tell that John Roberts would be a good Supreme Court justice.
  28. . . . And Sen. Ted Kennedy said Sunday on the same program that the West Wing of the Bush White House was being taken over by the Right Wing.
  29. MOVIE. I havenít seen Saw (II) but Iíd like to see Saw and a friend of mine who saw Saw said it had the best horror scenes heíd ever seen.
  30. Oprahís an icon. Just ask her.
  31. "Iím going out to buy Maureenís book and get bitter," stated a friend of mine, referring to acid-tongued New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and her latest tome, Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide.
  32. They say that play (Jersey Boys) about Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons thatís now on Broadway is pretty good. The guy (John Lloyd Young) that plays Valli really can hit the high notes. I might go for nostalgic purposes.
  33. . . . One thing thatís bothered me since the billing for the group changed to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons is that Frankie Valli is one of the Four Seasons but, separately billed, it sounds like there might be five people in the act. But Valli is really with three Seasons. Thereís no fifth Season. So itís technically wrong and misleading, especially for people who arenít familiar with the Ď60s group.
  34. ANCHORMAN SMACKDOWN: Letís have one. How about between Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper? Whoíd win? Whoís more dedicated to the news business? Whose news delivery is better? Whoís the better dresser? Letís see some hair fly.
  35. Husband and wife Maury Povich and Connie Chung will have a half-hour talk show on Saturdayís at 10 a..m., to premiere on Jan. 7, 2006 and air on MSNBC. Their repartee has been likened to that of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in all those old movies. This I kinda doubt. Mr. Highfalutin thought, "Didnít we just get rid of her? Sheís always on the comeback trail."
  36. Chris Cuomo has been named new Senior Legal Correspondent for ABC News. So is Cynthia McFadden senior to him?
  37. HEARD IT. Ho, Ho, Ho from the new Jolly Green Giant, in a TV ad for broccoli and cheese. Remember, the original voice belonged to Elmer "Len" Dresslar Jr., who died in October. The new is one sounds deeper and not as friendly. At least to me.
  38. Will I get that bird flu if I eat Thanksgiving turkey? Some people are asking that question. They say no, as long as the birdís cooked long enough. So thatís something I have to worry about.
  39. . . . Someone wrote in to an online cooking chat and said that one Thanksgiving she bought a tofurkey because her daughter was a vegetarian. This is what she said about how it tasted: "Let me tell you, no one would touch the tofurkey. It was easily the most god-awful thing known to womankind. I followed the instructions, basted it with orange juice. Not even the dogs would go near it." Ha Ha Ha.
  40. . . . Are those things shaped like a turkey?
  41. JUDITH MILLER. Out of a job now. Looks like The New York Times cut bait. Whoís she gonna work for now? NEXT UP: Well, itís gotta be a book. And since sheíll be having more time at home, maybe she can return the favor and cook her husband a meal.
  42. . . . And can the press please stop making things all cozy and familiar by calling her Judy instead of Judith?
  43. Mr. Big Stuff thought Prince Charles looked like Mad magazineís Alfred E. Newman.
  44. THIS YEARíS FAD: Upside down Christmas trees. And thatís all Iím gonna say about that.
  45. Theyíre selling hooded sweatshirts at Sakís Fifth Avenue stores for $120. Itís the Juicy Couture Menís Cotton Hoodie.) Yeah, Iím sure Iíll buy one of those.
  46. Ricky Martin is back and sang some songs from his newest album, Life, this week outside "on the Plaza," as they like to say on the Today show. Drop It On Me is the lead cut. He says itís reggaeton, the new term for Latin dance music which is influenced by Jamaican reggae and American urban and hip-hop styles. Well, to me, it doesnít sound much different than Liviní La Vida Loca or She Bangs. Itís the same old stuff. And yes, heís still dancing and shaking his bon-bon. Heís got sort of a goatee thing going on and thereís growth between that and his mustache and it makes him resemble George Michael and that awful look he adapted. Geesh.
  47. CSI: Miami and NY merged this week and in a two-parter Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and his team and Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and his team joined forces to track down a killer. The two episodes were pretty good. Caruso and Sinise work well together. And before Horatio left to return to his home base, he asked Mac to say hi to Stella (Melina Kanakarades). So I think thereís some chemistry there. Letís see that develop.
  48. . . . Watch What Happens - Sergio Mendes & Brasil í66, from their Equinox album. A&M Records, 1967.


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