November 28, 2011



  1. … It's the "latest" YouTube hit.
  2. … Who cares?
  3. … A woman doing her cardio on a treadmill exercise machine at a Planet Fitness gym "looked like she was gliding on ice," claimed the Manila (Philippines) Paper's website, which posted the "Dancing Queen Planet" video.
  4. … Oh boy, let's watch it, let's tweet it, let's retweet it, put it on Facebook, Tumblr, Mashable, MySpace and God knows whatever other social media vehicle there is out there in cyberspace.
  5. … The video was "captured" via mobile phone by two admirers." What isn't?
  6. … One of them said she was really "breaking it down."
  7. … The other said she was the next Beyonce. (Do we need another?)
  8. …PLAN: I'll be on the lookout at my gym the next time I see something worthy of a posting on YouTube that I think might have viral qualifications.
  9. … How about showing somebody on the crapper?
  10. SEXIST REMARK? "Talk about legs," said fill-in weatherman John Elliott (WCBS) on The Early Show (CBS) on Saturday, referring to Tina Turner's assets and whose 72nd birthday he mentioned coming out of his meteorological segment.
  11. ADVICE. Just stick to the weather and forget the pop culture news. All I need from you is whether it's gonna be sunny tomorrow or not.
  12. Al Sharpton talks about blueberry pie in his first MSNBC "Lean Forward" promo - what's that term mean? --, standing on the steps of a brownstone in Brooklyn, N.Y., recalling his childhood days of coming home after school with his friends and sneakily eating the pies that his mother and her friends had made.
  13. … Mom came back in the room and asked where the pie went and there stood little Al and his friends with the proof all over their faces.
  14. Sharpton likens eating the pie to the GOP and what "they've done to the economy": "They talk about the economy's bad [sic] and we [the Democrats] didn't do it. We were the ones fighting but they got the blueberry pie all over their faces. They were the ones eating the pie."
  15. … What a storyteller.
  16. … Folksy.
  17. … Why not start a new campaign called Fall Backward?
  18. TO MATT DAMON. Sorry, but the shaved head does nothing for you, grow it back.(He was on This Week and talked with Christiane Amanpour about, an organization he's started to create awareness of the clean water crisis in Africa.)
  19. … He's probably bald for a film role but he oughta slap on a rug to cover his chrome dome when he's off the set.
  20. … Not becoming.
  21. AFFECTED PRONUNCIATION. I can do without American reporters saying Tahrir Square (Egypt) and using the guttural articulation for the "ah" as they do in the Arabic language when mentioning the location of the protesters there.
  22. CBS's Whit Johnson doesn't say it that way and he was on the White House lawn.
  23. NBC's Richard Engel uses it when he's over there in the midst of the action. (They say he's fluent in Arabic ) so maybe it's okay that he says it like that even though he seems boldly American.
  24. …But when he's stateside on the Nightly News set in New York with Brian Williams and pronounces it gutterally it sounds self-informed, a mere afterthought of someone who has special language skills that come naturally … or something.
  25. ABC's Lama Hasan uses it but she has a British accent, is mostly based in Cairo (now), and it sounds natural coming out of her mouth.
  26. … So say it if you're qualified but don't do it to show off. Thanks.
  27. MOVIE: TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN, PART 1. Good God, what do people see in this series? Slow-paced, deadpan acting, unintentionally laughable, bad makeup, stagnant, overblown, non-traditional vampire-ish - that's what I thought of it.
  28. … All most of the actors do is stand around; they're real talented.
  29. … The only really scary thing is the birth scene in which the protagonist, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), has a vampire baby.
  30. … It's a box office hit but just because it's a big moneymaker does not make it a good movie, so there.
  31. … And here's another too-long-a-title product for you: Mary J. Blige's latest CD, a sequel, to her first "My Life" album, this one called My Life II: The Journey Continues, Act 1.
  32. … What is it, a Shakespeare play?
  33. Blige says that she didn't "understand why I was in so much pain" back when she did the first one. This new one "adds another level of understanding."
  34. … Living out her life in front of millions.
  35. … A drama queen, she loves it.
  36. … The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul bares her soul again.
  37. … I don't care what you say, she still sounds off-key to me. She's no Aretha (in her prime).
  38. … And I get sick of all that whining, it's worse than Boys II Men were.
  39. Herman Cain gave CNN's Candy Crowley a run for her money on Sunday. He begged to differ with her on many points and questions she brought up and asked about on her the State of the Union program.
  40. … He stood up for himself, stopped her in mid-sentence sometimes and didn't let her put words in his mouth and attribute things to him that he didn't exactly say or mean. He corrected the record.
  41. … Good for him, he's no pushover.
  42. …(Pushover - Etta James, on Argo Records, 1963)
  43. TREND? According to Shanon (yes, one "n") Cook, an entertainment reporter for CNN, "liner notes" on the backs of albums - yes, that's what we used to call them - are becoming a thing of the past.
  44. …THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT. But of course. Singer/musician Sting's new release, "Sting 25," has adapted the multimedia application for his latest work and in fact says that he believes people will stop buying CDs, preferring instead the new configuration.
  45. … The iPad app includes photos, handwritten lyrics, journal entries, interviews, concert footage and more.
  46. … So it's all on there in the virtual atmosphere.
  47. … Maybe it's a good thing. It's hard to even read what they microscopic-ly print on CDs anyway.
  48. JUST ASKING. Who has the bigger butt: Kim Kardashian or J.Lo?
  49. Lopez unashamedly and practically nakedly danced, pranced, writhed and bump-and-grinded (ground?) with rapper Pitbull and her dancer entourage all over the stage at the American Music Awards, wearing a spangled see-through body suit that made her look only partially clothed and barely covered up.
  50. … Something for her twins to be proud of when they grow up and see mommy on YouTube.
  51. … Also from the awards fest: SUGGESTION. Somebody oughta tell excitable country singer Taylor Swift to come up with something more original and meaningful than clutching her chest and just saying "This is crazy," or some such, when she won each of her three honors (Artist of the Year and Favorite Country Album and Favorite Female Artist) at the American Music Awards.
  52. … She acted overcome and verklempt.
  53. … She's a songwriter, for crissakes. Those people are never at a loss for words.
  54. … She's full of ways to express herself. Couldn't she come up with something more profound to say than that?
  55. OBSERVED. Carson Kressley (formerly of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, former contestant on Dancing with the Stars and currently ABC/GMAconsultant' for the reality show, looks like Newt Gingrich's wife Callista, if you ask me.
  56. … It's the lips and the smile. Aww.
  57. … By the way, Newt sounds like he's (was?) a stud. He's on his third wife now. The man gets around.
  58. … Must be his power and fame. What else would it be?
  59. NOTICED. Looks like they de-turkey necked Bill O'Reilly in those ads for his "Killing Lincoln" book. The headshot used in the newspaper ad looks photo-shopped.
  60. … They took the gobble out of it.
  61. "EVEN A BROKEN CLOCK IS STILL RIGHT TWICE A DAY." That's how Ari Fleischer, former George W. Bush press secretary and now a political contributor for CNN - who isn't? -- characterized a Mitt Romney campaign TV ad on CNN's Situation Room, which used remarks from President Obama about the economy that were claimed to be deceptive and out of context.
  62. … So is a half-truth better than none at all?
  63. Somebody should tell Walter Isaacson (author of "Steve Jobs" bio) to calm down over Steve Jobs. He was on Fareed Zakaria's GPS program Sunday and every other news and talk show in the universe for the past month, going on and on about the tech "icon." It was too much of a love fest.
  64. … I'm tired of hearing what a "rebel" Steve Jobs was.
  65. … You'd think he was the second coming.
  66. …UH… Second Time Around - Shalamar, on SOLAR (Sound of L.A. Records), 1979.


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