October 6, 2005


  1. ... And somebody said John Roberts has the classic example of male pattern baldness with a big patch missing on the crown of his head. Other than that, he's got a full head of hair. Maybe he should check out one of those sprays.
  2. ...And another thing. John Roberts and his kids remind me of John Edwards and his kids. Always with him. A family together. Put 'em away. Stick 'em with a nanny. Daddy's working.
  3. TRASH CANS RETURNING. To Washington's Metro system. They're huge and heavy and the big things are appearing on the platforms. Fortified for bomb containment, I guess. Finally there's a garbage can around.
  4. Beyonce looks different with brown hair but it does look more natural on her than the blond-ish mane we're used to seeing. She's got it in the upcoming Vanity Fair which features the world of hip-hop music/culture.
  5. Last week Angelina Jolie was in The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer talking about her worldwide travels and disasters such as the recent hurricanes in the Gulf. A Trevor Neilson of the Global Business Coalition appeared with her and he called her Angie. At the end of the interview, Wolf thanked Angelina for "coming into The Situation Room."
  6. ...Wonder if she liked it in there. It sounds like a very special place.
  7. Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigelow: Euro Gigolo) looks like he got hair plugs or something. One of the tabloids pointed out that his hairline no longer recedes.
  8. War mom protestor Cindy Sheehan was thrown in the paddy wagon last week for demonstrating in front of the White House. She was still smiling. And next she's gonna do a bus tour of the U.S. Does that woman work? Does she have a job?
  9. A friend of mine is upset because America West's name is changing to U.S. Airways. She points out that America West bought U.S. and that they should keep their own name instead of taking the name of "a bankrupt, defunct airline." So there.
  10. Should iPods be illegal to listen to when people are driving? They do distract. The authorities will probably get to that in due time.
  11. SO WHAT'S NEW? Parents are up in arms again this year about their children wanting to dress as pimps and ho's this Halloween.
  12. Did Al Roker get another stomach removed? He looks even thinner. And Ann Curry looks very thin lately. What's NBC doing to these people?
  13. Maria Menounos, former Entertainment Tonight reporter, is now with the Today show. She's sexed down her look from her ET days. She was on Today last week with a report about Habitat for Humanity home builders and was pretty good.
  14. ...Last week the Today show kept calling Rockefeller Plaza, Humanity Plaza. They had scores of people out there building homes to be shipped to hurricane victims in the Gulf. It was hard to hear Katie and Matt over the din of ham, ham, hammering. I guess the producers liked that. To me, it was distracting.
  15. FLIGHTPLAN Jodie Foster's character is in search of her daughter on a plane but nobody believes her. Things get intense and she throws the whole flight into pandemonium. Peter Sarsgaard plays an air marshal with shifty eyes. There's a huge twist at the end. Movie's okay. Well directed, from the opening credits (creatively done) to the end of the film.
  16. FYI: The National Zoo in Washington does not have the new baby panda on display. It's inside the panda house (den) and it's blocked off to visitors. They hope to be able to show it to the public sometime next month. So don't think you're coming to Washington to see it.
  17. OVERHEARD. On a walkie-talkie held by an office building custodian during lunchtime: "I want you to go with a bucket and a mop to the 7th floor. Someone threw up in the kitchen." And you think you have a crappy job?
  18. CLEAVAGE. Local news is showing a little bit of it. Take Shannon Bream of News4 Washington last Saturday anchoring the news. And Barbara Harrison of the weekday edition. It's just a little but more than they used to show. The beginning, so to speak. So who's making that happen? The anchors? Is it being encouraged by the producers? Is it objectionable or just currently fashionable? Is it professional now? Does it get ratings?
  19. ...To many, it takes your mind off the news.
  20. Frances McDormand is playing another sloppy hag character in the upcoming movie, North Country, which also stars Charlize Theron. She always plays those quirky roles. It's about women coal miners fighting against sexual harassment and who want equality on the job. Haven't we been there before with Sally Field or something? So predictable.
  21. HE WALKS A LOT. "The grass is so dry it's like walking on corn flakes," said News4 Washington morning meteorologist Tom Kierein. And just yesterday he said, "The dry leaves on the sidewalk made me feel like I was walking on tortilla chips." Vivid imagination.
  22. A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. Odd title for a movie. Stars Viggo Mortensen as a small town (in Indiana) diner owner who is thrust into using violence in self-defense, becomes a hero and then things go downhill from there. Movie is static and a bit slow-moving like one of those HBO shows. Probably intentionally done by director David Cronenberg (The Fly, 1986) but the film just doesn't do it for me. (There is, though, a furious sex scene on the stairway with the wife (Maria Bello).
  23. I think Bill Clinton is starting to sound like Jimmy Carter, down there meeting with the hurricane survivors. When his head's down and he's thinking while he's talking, that's when he sounds like Jimah.
  24. ...By the way, where's all this relief money coming from? Not millions but billions. Can we afford it? Are things gonna go up? Will it come back to bite us?
  26. Wonder what Judy Woodruff's up to? I miss her on CNN. Maybe they didn't want her in The Situation Room.
  27. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers wears as much eyeliner as Michael Jackson. Is that permanent? His is. And she's got a fast walk. I noticed that yesterday in some video I saw of her. Determined.
  28. I had a dream about Paris Hilton the other night but I can't tell you what it was about in mixed company.
  29. ...And by the way, Paris is not marrying Paris Latsis, the Greek shipping heir. The engagement's off. Us Weekly reported that the female Paris's parents didn't like him because all he was, was rich and he didn't work. Just lolled around. The female Parisworks hard. She's on the cover of the current Vanity Fair holding her hands over her exposed breasts.
  30. Hanalie, dog in the neighborhood, will be dressed as a ballerina this Halloween, says owner Sally. The costume is a white net tutu with glitter in it and a matching collar with a bow in front that she'll be daintying around in. In the meantime Sally will try to teach her to walk on just two feet.
  31. Is that Serenity movie out now about those undergarments used for wetness protection? Ha Ha Ha.
  32. I'm hearing a lot about Ethan Allen lately. They having a sale or something?
  33. I wonder if New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who just got out of the clink, had that meal that she said she wanted her husband to prepare? Is he a house husband?
  34. The other night on NBC's Las Vegas, Jerry O'Connell crossed over from the network's Crossing Jordan show and was doing a line dance to that 30-year-old Miriam Makeba South African song, Pata, Pata (Touch, Touch). (I don't know if it was the original version or the one recorded in 2000.) Nevertheless, it was a dumb dance where you held your arms out in front and bent your wrists down to make your hands look like they were paws and people hopped around like a bunny or something. Ridiculous.
  35. ...Earlier this week O'Connell was on Ellen and you couldn't shut him up. He was wired and all over the place.
  36. CHANGE FOR CHANGE'S SAKE. Thomas Jefferson has been redrawn for a new nickel that comes out next year. It's a full-on shot of the former president and not a profile this time. Don't like the hair. Makes him look like he has Caesar bangs and the rest of it looks like he's got a bad '70s haircut. Why do they have to redesign it?
  37. UH...Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me of You)Little Caesar & The Romans, on Del-Fi Records, 1961. Huge hit back then. And they all wore togas.



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