Friday/Saturday, October 30/31, 2020


  1. Covid deaths are almost nothing,”said Donald Trump, Jr. on The Laura Ingraham Show on FOX.
  2. . . . There were 99,000 cases reported in the U.S. on Thursday.
  3. . . . That’s almost nothing? What about science?
  4. . . . Ingraham seemed a bit surprised, doubtful about what Jr. Boy said.
  5. . . . Later, Laura appeared at one of his rallies and wore a mask and Trump called her out for wearing such a thing. “She’s politically correct, uh huh.”
  6. WONDERING: Does the White House have its own digital counter?
  7. President Trump will be shuttling between his home at the White House -the peoples’ house-on election night, and his hotel. There are numbers restrictions at the hotel-which doesn’t please the president-so they’ll go back and forth, I guess.
  8. . . .Uber?
  9. “We’re gonna win with a record win, Biden exclaimed. “Who’s gonna vote on Tuesday?” The mostly maskless crowd yelled, “Four more years, four more years!”
  10. Donna Brazile, former interim chair of the DNC, said on Dana Perino’s show on FOX in reference to a question about the Republicans , said, “I don’t see any Democrats doing any bedwetting.”
  11. . . . Go ahead Donna, bring it down to basics.
  12. GOOD INFO: On Katy Tur’s MSNBC show. The mail’s gonna take more than three days to get those ballots in. Don’t depend on it.
  13. . . . Fuhgeddaboudit.
  14. . . . Drop it in a Ballot Drop Box or personally take it to the polls.
  15. Biden was in Des Moines with his Soul of the Nation background placard, plugging local candidates effluviently, as horns were honking at his Drive-In Rally.
  16. . . . Only four days left.
  17. Biden said Trump didn’t want to scare the American public when he revealed that he knew about the covid virus back in February. He didn’t want them to panic.
  18. . . . “He panics,” Biden yelled.
  19. BIDEN: “We will not surrender to the virus. I’m not gonna shut down the economy; I’m gonna shut down the virus.”
  20. . . . “Right on,” as Barry White would say.
  21. “Honk if you agree with me,” said the Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses wearer. (He’s been wearing the cool shades since his college days)
  22. Some authority-excuse me, I can’t remember everything or everybody-said the pandemic may turn into a Twindemic, a combo covid and flu together. Won’t that be great?
  23. A thousand people died in the U.S. on Thursday.
  24. Trick or Treat will not be the same this year, too risky. Other activities are being planned for the kids. (What about me?) Nick Watt of CNN said it’s been banned in Beverly Hills.
  25. . . . Fauci says it’s sort of okay as long as a mask is worn over the mask.
  26. UPCOMING: Later on the trail, Obama and Stevie Wonder will join Biden.
  27. . . . Wonder if Wonder might sing “You Met Your Match” (1968 on Tamla Records) to Sir Donald.
  28. There’s a Biden-Harris jacket, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, tank top and other marketables that say “No Malarkey” for the challenging duos’ campaign. One has the pair both wearing the former VP’s iconic sunglasses. (Hate using that word, “ “iconic.” Any other suggestions?)
  29. 90,000 cases reported Thursday = A new infection every second. Grab that statistic and run with it.
  30. . . . Run away. But there’s “Nowhere to Run” (Martha & The Vandellas. 1965 on Gordy. “It’s Whats in the Grooves That Count.”
  31. There’s a massive exodus from Paris, a race to flee the city ahead of the shutdown. You think we have traffic here.
  32. FYI: Actress Lori Loughlin started her prison sentence (for paying money to get her daughters into college” As she rushedly walked ahead of the cameras, a young woman in the crowd shouted at Ms. Loughlin, “Lori, Lori, pay for my admission, Lori, Lori.”
  33. . . . Is she broke now? Is her career over? How long in the brig?
  34. DON’T CLICK! It’s been reported that Iran is collecting voter data from Democratic accounts by way of emails that look legitimate but with bad links (phishing).
  35. ADVICE: If you vote at a polling center, bring a pen to hit your screen choice. People are urged to do this in order not to infect the booth.
  36. . . . Jesus, you have to be careful with everything.
  37. NOTICED: In my neighborhood last night they were boarding up the outside windows and door of the CVS. I asked if the store was closing and was told it was in case of violent protests, rioting, looting when the election results are determined.
  38. . . . Loot this!
  39. FAKE NEWS? Doctors get paid more money for treating covid cases. (“What a Fool Believes”—The Doobie Brothers, 1979 on Warner Bros.)
  40. Trump has four rallies in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) today and Biden’s got four Drive-Ins with Obama, in Michigan.
  41. Making so many appearances on the trail is cheaper than TV ad time, believes the cash-strapped president.
  42. The frost killed the flowers in MSNBC’s meteorologist Bill Karin’s backyard overnight. He subbed this morning on Weekend Today for Dylan Dreyer so maybe with the upgrade he’ll be able to get a greenhouse or something.
  43. There’s a rare full moon tonight, the second full moon in a single month and it’s called a Blue Moon. (“Blue Moon”-The Marcels on Colpix, 1961). Originally a hit in 1934 for Billy Eckstine and Mel Torme (Individually).
  44. Safety tonight.
  45. Stay cool, peaceful on election night.
  46. UH . . . “Daddy Cool” - The Rays, 1957 on Cameo Records. Flipside of the megahit, “Silhouettes” .


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