September 8, 2002


  1. . . . They’re all the rage—and not just for the gals, for guys too. But they probably don’t go too well with love handles. Fat hanging over doesn’t look too good so we middle-aged men should forget about it.
  2. SHOWY AGAIN. J Lo’s new fragrance is called Glow and the ads for it show her in the shower or something with nothing on. Baring it all again. It’s a side shot of her arching her back with her arm up covering her upper torso and you can see the beginning of her buttocks. What’s Ben Affleck think about that?
  3. I have a nervous twitch on my upper lip. Does that mean I’m nervous?
  4. American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson resembles Monica Lewinsky. Maybe she’ll play her in a TV movie.
  5. . . . Where is Monica lately? Still making handbags?
  6. PLURALIZED. Now when you call 411 they ask you “What cities and what states and then what listings." Not the singular. They make more money that way?
  7. CNN Talkback Live’s Arthel Neville is related to the famous New Orleans group, the Neville Brothers. . . . Her hair this week has looked like other American Idol’s Justin Guarini. They’ve both got a crop of that curly stuff. When asked about it by news anchor Kyra Phillips, Arthel laughingly said, “I’m sassy and I’m classy."
  8. Mr. Big Stuff had this to say about American Idol judge Paula Abdul: “She never opens her mouth when she talks. It’s like she’s a ventriloquist or something."
  9. A friend of mine’s getting one of those yellow with black trim Hummers. The H1. (He’s not in the military.) Are they too wide for the road?
  10. Security’s so tight at the U.S. Open that dogs are wearing security photo ID badges.
  11. I bought some new stamps the other day but they didn’t have the postage amount on them. It’s 37 cents now. How come?
  12. . . . And why don’t computer keyboards have a cent sign on ‘em? If there is one I can’t find it.
  13. Those Rugby Bunch Old Navy ads a la The Brady Bunch really get on your nerves after a while. First time works. After that, you’re ready to throw something at the TV. And they’re too long.
  14. DECENT FILM. City by the Sea. With De Niro and that new guy James Franco. Normal cop with family problems movie. Violent in parts obviously. Franco looks like James Dean and played him in another movie. He’s gonna be big. And the director stays on De Niro a lot so you really see him act. Takes place in Long Beach, a washed up New York beach resort. You really feel like you’re there. Stylish open with out-of-focus film taken when the place really was the place to go. . . . The Rugby Bunch . . .
  15. D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams is handing out rubber stamps with his name on them for people when they go to vote in the primary this Tuesday. He’s a write-in candidate so I guess the people can just stamp his name down rather than writing it. Are those stamps pre-inked? That could get messy.
  16. The Bridge of Madison County burned down.
  17. LAST SHOW. Today’s This Week With Sam Donaldson & Cokie Roberts. Next week George Stephanopoulos takes over. George Will did a nice appreciation about Sam and Cokie and Sam and Cokie reminisced and then wished Stephanopoulos all the best. They say they’ll still watch the show.
  18. The New York Times reports that 100 cows and 200 lambs were sacrificed “in thanks to God" for saving Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Gov. Gul Agha Shirzai’s lives the other day in an assassination attempt. Don’t let PETA hear about that.
  19. If ‘N Sync’s Lance Bass comes up with the money, will the Russians still let him take that trip to the International Space Station? There were plans to make a video of him in training on the ground and up in space. Isn’t there enough to do on the mission besides that?
  20. THESE PEOPLE . . . Cindy Crawford said she would consider going up there “if her schedule permitted." Well, don’t let work get in the way.
  21. RIVETING TESTIMONY. That of Alex King, the youngest of two brothers, on the witness stand last week being questioned about the murder of his father. They say he planned it and his brother wielded the aluminum baseball bat while Terry Lee King was sleeping. Don’t tell me that “family friend" Rick Chavis didn’t put those boys up to it.
  22. Some say One Hour Photo is really good. Robin Williams plays the character well and you forget it’s really him.
  23. Peter Jenning’s In Search of America was well done. Interesting human stories done in a low- key, non-hyped-up way. Professional, the way a network news organization should do it without a lot of bells and whistles.
  24. The Rolling Stones are getting good reviews on their tour. The word is they’ve still got it. By the way, 22 of their albums are being reissued including 4 UK releases never before available in the states. There’s a big ad campaign for it all. They’re recorded on “dual layer hybrid Super Audio compact disc." What’s that mean?
  25. Those got chocolate milk ads don’t work as well as the regular milk ones. Stuff doesn’t show up well enough.
  26. I’M GETTING OLDER. The Vines, The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Hives. All new groups featured in the new tighter, less long-articled Rolling Stone. I’ve got some listening to do if I wanna keep up. (And they all look really young.)
  27. UH . . . Um Um Um Um Um UmMajor Lance on Okeh, from 1964. If you listen closely you can hear it in City by the Sea when De Niro comes into the restaurant. Song was written and produced by the late, great Curtis Mayfield.


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