September 29, 2011



  1. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has said time and time again that he's not going to run for president. And he reiterated it Tuesday night, delivering a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, Calif.
  2. … A woman in the audience "implored" Christie with all her heart to "please sir, reconsider" and do it for "my daughter … our grandchildren … our sons …"
  3. …(God lady, get a life.)
  4. Christie felt her pain but explained that her plea is not a reason for him to run and that the reason to run would have to reside "inside me."
  5. … Good, seems like the man knows himself and his limitations, unlike all the jerks out there who are pressuring him to run and act like he's got an obligation to do it.
  6. … Sounds like he "answers to a higher authority," like the Hebrew National hotdog people do.
  7. … One "letters" writer said that "he is extremely overweight in a party that has not nominated a fat candidate since William Taft in 1908.
  8. … "Is he either playing the game or being polite?" asked NBC's Chuck Todd of some guests on his MSNBC Daily Rundown show the morning after.
  9. … Is he, is he, is he … ?
  10. … The press just won't leave it alone.
  11. SCARY. A front page picture of the Washington Monument with a man at the top of it inspecting damage due to the earthquake that struck last month and a PLANE noticeably flying nearby. Did anyone consider that the juxtaposition might bring back memories of 9/11 and terrorist planes? Didn't anyone think about that? Doesn't seem like it.
  12. …Very poor editorial and pictorial judgment.
  13. Would someone tell NBC's Jeff Rossen to tone down his exaggerated and tabloid delivery in his reporting of the Michael Jackson trial (even though it's really the Conrad Murray trial)?
  14. … He over-accents everything. His style is more Current Affair (remember that show?) or Inside Edition-ish than that of NBC News.
  15. …Jackson sister LaToya tweeted - yes, on such a serious and solemn occasion -- that it was sickening to see "what they did to my brother," and that "seeing his lifeless body laying on the gurney is heart-wrenching."
  16. … Maybe sharing her feelings during the trial will get her more appearances on TV. Why, she could be a news analyst on CNN or MSNBC or HLN or Geraldo Rivera's "At-Large" program or any other outlet that's glommed on to covering the unholy thing.
  17. TWEETING IN THE COURTROOM… Disrespectful for a family member. Is nothing sacred?
  18. NO SMOOCHING ON THE PLANE. Is there a law against that? A Southwest Airlines flight attendant objected to "The L-Word" actress Leisha Hailey kissing her girlfriend (Camila Grey) on board a flight Monday between Baltimore and St. Louis.
  19. …"We were simply being affectionate, like any normal couple," said Hailey.
  20. … The airline said that it approached the couple "based on behavior and not on gender."
  21. … It was reported that several passengers also complained and called the behavior "excessive."
  22. … I guess the skies are not so friendly up there anymore.
  23. ANDY ROONEY. TVNewser, a daily blog which covers television news, says "over the years, ‘60 Minutes' resident curmudgeon has been criticized frequently for being out of touch with contemporary culture."
  24. … That's part of the man's charm, for crissakes. He says what most people are thinking. He takes the vagaries and foibles of life and makes it all worth a laugh. His frustration with things and no-nonsense way of living life and dealing with it are what many people relate to. That's what makes him distinctive.
  25. … Not everybody on television has to be in the 18-49 Nielsen ratings demographic. Thank God '60 Minutes' stayed with him that long.
  26. GOT HER COMEUPPANCE. Singer Rihanna did. A nice old farmer in Northern Ireland said she and her crew could shoot a video in his wheat field but when it came to shooting it (for her single "We Found Love") he saw what the sexpot was wearing: a red and white bikini top that looked like two handkerchiefs tied together (that she was busting out of, like Nancy Grace on Dancing with the Stars), and tight jeans. Alan Graham, an alderman and a Christian who was on his tractor at the time, was not amused, halted the action and asked the crew to leave.
  27. … "If someone wants to borrow my field and things become inappropriate then I say, ‘Enough is enough. You are not entitled to do that.'"
  28. … Reportedly the two shook hands and when asked about the incident, "Only Girl (In the World)" Rihanna said Farmer Graham "was great" about it.
  29. … She did another thing while strutting around the amber waves of grain: She was smoking a cigarette. That seemed a little dangerous and irresponsible.
  30. …Somebody call Smokey the Bear.
  31. DUMB THING. Casting Leonardo DiCaprio to play J. Edgar Hoover, often referred to as the bulldog –faced former director of the FBI.
  32. … I saw the preview (trailer) the other night and his (DiCaprio's) appearance is not too convincing and, of course, he tries to mimic Hoover's speech by adopting some kind of affectation (tough guy talk).
  33. … It's yet another movie that Leo has been cast to play a part in that he looks too young for, i.e., Titanic, or feels it necessary to put on a fake (gangster) accent, i.e., Shutter Island.
  34. … How does he get these roles?
  35. Clint Eastwood directs the film ("J. Edgar"), which explores the theory that the G-man had a romantic relationship with FBI associate director Clyde Tolson (Armie Hammer, who played both Winklevoss twins in The Social Network).
  36. … Get ready for all the media scrutiny and analysis on this one.
  37. "It's a really big world. You have to get out of the bubble . You have to be able to get out front," says Erin Burnett, former anchor and reporter for CNBC, the business network, in a promo for her new show on CNN called - you guessed it -- OUTFRONT.
  38. … She/they (the network) plan to deliver the news in a "casual, modern way" and not the uppity, stiff way standard news shows do.
  39. … The FRONT in OUTFRONT is encased in the color blue to distinguish it, I guess.
  40. Burnett's crossing over from covering just the business world to the totality of all news. She plans to be everywhere and it looks like it might happen.
  41. Burnett explained the title of the show: "The name of our show really is a mission statement in terms of who we are and what we are going to do."
  42. … In another promo for the show she's seen milking a cow somewhere and asks, "Got milk?" and laughs.
  43. …"I want people to say that our show is smart. I want our show to be authentic. I want our show to have courage."
  44. … That's a lot on the wish list.
  45. …The show debuts Monday, Oct. 3 and will air at 7 p.m. on weeknights, repeated at 11.
  46. … And another "direction-oriented" show that's begun is "UP," MSNBC's new program on weekend mornings with Rachel Maddow's bespectacled Young Turk substitute Chris Hayes. (He talks fast and about as much as she does and that's saying something.
  48. …UH… I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty, on MCA Records, 1989.


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